Moving Out of a Storage Unit? Helpful Tips and Things To Know

Tips for moving out of a U-Haul storage unit.

It’s important to take the right steps to move out and avoid any future payments or cleaning fees. 

If you don’t require all the extra room in your storage unit, but still have a need for storage, reach out to your facility manager to consider transferring to a smaller storage unit. This can save you money in the long run, while making sure you don’t have to start the entire process over.

If this is your first time moving out of a storage unit, you may have some questions like “how much notice does my facility need?” or “am I responsible for cleaning my storage unit?” To answer those questions and more, here are some helpful tips and things you need to know.

How To Move Out of a Storage Unit

The move-out process is easy. Convenient month-to-month rentals give you the freedom to move out whenever you need. Just follow these four steps when you’re ready.

1) Pack up all your belongings

2) Clean up your storage space

3) Remove your lock and take it with you

4) Inform the facility that you have vacated. You can do this online or in person. But DO NOT just vacate your storage room without informing staff or completing the process online. You will continue to be charged.

Giving Your Storage Facilty Move-Out Notice

Most storage facilities, including U-Haul facilities, don’t require advanced notice. If your situation changes unexpectedly and you need to move out right away, you can. Just keep in mind that rent is not prorated. If you plan to move out only a few days after your last payment, you will not receive a refund.

Move Out of Your Storage Unit Online

For added convenience, U-Haul offers storage customers the option to move out online. To do this, log in to your account on to notify the facility that you have vacated your unit. You must have zero balance on your account and your storage unit needs to be cleaned before you can complete this step online. You can upload pictures of your cleaned and empty unit during this process.

Helpful Storage Move-Out Tips

  • Clean your storage unit before you leave: Leave your storage space clean and damage free. Clean up any spills that took place, sweep up excess dirt, dust and be sure to remove all trash so you avoid cleaning fees.
  • Bring the right equipment for your belongings: If you’re unsure what size truck or van you need to move out, our self-storage unit size guide can recommend the best vehicle based on the size of your storage unit.
  • Take your lock with you: Your lock belongs to you. Remember to remove it from the unit and take it with you so you can use it again at a future storage location or with any other items you want to keep secure. Your location cannot close your storage account if your lock is still on the door.

When you’re ready to rent a storage unit again, visit Self Storage to find the storage facility nearest you. You can also see more self-storage tips by visiting our storage tips page.


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