One Month Free Storage at U-Haul Self-Storage Locations

How to get one month free storage from U-Haul.

If you are looking for a storage unit, then you are in the right place! Whether you need a storage unit to make extra room at home or to store your belongings in between moves, U-Haul is here to help! With over 2,000 locations and a network of affiliates, you’re bound to find a location nearby in your new city. As the leaders in moving and storage, customers who take advantage of renting a truck or trailer with us for their one-way moves can take advantage of our one-month free offer at participating locations.

Which Locations Offer a Free Month of Storage?

Search for a storage facility near you that fits your storage units. On the storage facility’s detail page, you will find available rates, inventory, and a promotion box that contains specials at the location. Some locations even have a blue banner at the top advertising their offer! If you see an offer for one month free, the location participates. Keep an eye out for other promotions as well that may suit your needs at our affiliates.

How Do I Claim My One Month Free?

There are a couple of ways to claim your one month of free storage at a participating location.

  • Online Move-In: This is our most convenient option for our customers. Find a storage unit at a location that suits your needs and select rent now. During checkout, you’ll validate you qualify for one month free. Make sure you have your truck or trailer contract number on hand! From there, you’ll complete your move-in and receive an access code to your storage unit that you can use to access the facility and your unit during access hours. View our online move-in info page for more details.
  • Reserve Online & Move-In At the Facility: Find a storage unit that fits your needs and during the checkout process you will verify you qualify for one month free. Make sure you have your truck or trailer contract number on hand. Once you place your reservation, visit the storage facility, and see the team member at the counter to complete your move-in.
  • By Phone: Call the storage facility or 1-800-GO-U-HAUL to reserve your storage unit. You’ll need to share your truck or trailer contract number to verify you qualify for one month free. Once your storage unit has been reserved, visit the facility to complete your move-in at the counter.
  • In Person: Visit the storage facility and speak with the team member to start your move-in. Have your truck or trailer contract number on hand to claim your one month free.

Why Choose U-Haul Over Its Competitors?

While our competitors may offer $1 move-ins, your initial move in cost might be higher as they usually charge an admin fee or require a deposit. U-Haul has no administrative fees or requires no deposits from its customers. Making a reservation and moving in are free! Just pay your first month of rent and any add-on services and you are set!

Remember that you can redeem this offer at any U-Haul owned and managed location that is offering a free month of storage, not just the location you picked up or returned your truck and/or trailer.

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