What Security Features are Available at U-Haul Self-Storage Facilities?

Security is important to us, much like it is to you. We want to make sure your belongings are safe at our self-storage facilities and you feel comfortable leaving them here. This is why many of our self-storage facilities utilize layers of industry-leading security features that you can rely on. Collectively they’re known as MAX, or maximum security.

These are some of the top security features you will find at our many of our facilities.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a crucial part of providing peace of mind to our customers. The 24/7 monitoring offered at many of our facilities serves as both a watchful eye and a recourse for law enforcement should an incident occur. You will find security cameras strategically placed inside and around the facility so nothing goes unseen. Video monitoring doesn’t only serve as eyes and ears for the facility. Research shows that the mere presence of security cameras is enough to ward off potential trespassers and thieves!

Individually Alarmed Rooms

We take the security of our customer’s possessions seriously, which is why many of our storage locations offer individually alarmed storage rooms. Every room and door features its own alarm that stays active 24 hours a day. Even vacant rooms are alarmed! If anyone tries to enter your storage unit or the facility without proper authorization, the alarm will sound and on-site facility staff will be notified immediately. The alarm can only be disarmed using a code or access card.

Electronic Access

Each customer is given a unique access code/card. The code is used to enter your facility and to arm/disarm your individual room alarm. Not only does this restrict who can enter the facility, but it keeps a record of who has entered and the date and time of entry for added security. Your code is your personal access to the facility – keep it safe and secure just as you would your belongings!

Intercoms/MAX Stations

Need to immediately speak with the storage facility office or management? The intercom systems, available at most storage facilities provide a crystal-clear, two-way channel of communication with facility employees. If you ever need immediate assistance, help is just a press of a button away.

Fire Sprinklers

Secure storage isn’t just a matter of protecting belongings from thieves and vandals. It’s also about keeping belongings safe from the elements and unexpected occurrences, like fires. Even small fires can be devastating for furniture, clothing, electronics and other personal items. You can rest assured that if a fire does spark at your facility, our fire sprinkler systems will keep damage to a minimum.

Access Limited to your Floor or Building

Some of our storage locations have multiple floors and buildings. For the protection of you and your stored items, access to these floors and buildings is limited to the customers who have a room located there.

Are you looking for a safe and secure place to store your treasured belongings? U-Haul has self-storage facilities proudly offering the best in storage security features. Find a self-storage location near you.

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