How to Install a Ball Mount on your Vehicle’s Hitch

Securing the ball mount to the trailer hitch is necessary to keep the trailer properly attached to the tow vehicle. Before you begin installing the ball mount, make sure you’re using the correct size ball mount. If you’re not sure whether the ball mount you have is correct, learn more about measuring and choosing the correct ball mount here.

When you’re sure you have the right ball mount you can begin the installation process. 

Three easy steps to install a ball mount:

  1. Slide the ball mount into the trailer hitch.
  2. Insert the hitch pin through the hole in the receiver and ball mount.
  3. Secure the hitch pin by inserting the straight leg of the clip in the hitch pin. 

It’s really that simple!

For more information, refer to the user’s guide available at your U-Haul store. Visit to purchase ball mounts and hitch pins.

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