How to Install a Trailer Hitch Adapter

A trailer hitch adapter makes it easy to use a 2’’ hitch accessory with a 1 ¼” receiver. Hitch mounted bike racks and cargo carriers designed for a 2’’ receiver hitch can be used with an adapter. However, please use a cargo support strap to prevent movement of the accessory and reduce strain on the trailer hitch. 

U-Haul Towing Expert, Jeff Jenkins, suggests checking the receiver hitch tongue weight rating to make sure it is greater than the combined weight of the accessory and the gear it’s holding.

To use the trailer hitch adapter, follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert the adapter into your vehicle’s receiver hitch and secure using the pin and clip
  2. Install your two inch hitch accessory and secure using the pin and clip
  3. Secure your hitch accessory using a cargo support strap 

Be sure to check the accessory regularly to make sure the trailer hitch adapter is secure and the cargo strap is still in place. If you have any issues, consult the directions that came with your adapter and cargo strap, or stop by your local U-Haul store for help.

Warning: Using a hitch mounted wheelchair or scooter lift with a trailer hitch adapter is not recommended as receivers with a 1 ¼” opening don’t have the tongue weight capacity to support the weight of the scooter/wheelchair and the carrier/lift.


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