Why the U-Haul Hitch Ball is the Best in the Towing Industry

U-Haul is not only the world's largest installer of permanent trailer hitches and accessories, it is also the industry leader in towing innovation.


The U-Haul hitch ball is just one example. In the past decade, the U-Haul hitch ball has evolved to include more safety features than any other hitch ball within the towing industry.




U-Haul Hitch Ball is the Best!

1. Industry-Leading Safety Cotter Pin

When a trailer/vehicle combo gets into a bind, there can be far more force generated to loosen the retaining nut than was used to tighten the ball. The safety pin removes the possibility of an uncoupling or a complete ball-off by preventing the nut from rotating off. The load remains on the threads, not on the safety pin.


2. Only U-Haul Has a Minimum of 5,000-lb Rating on ALL Hitch Balls

Every ball is cold-forged, not machined, and the threads are rolled, not cut. These processes allow for control of the grain structure of the metal and eliminate stress risers, which lead to premature failure.


3. Hardened Flat Washer Instead of a Lock Washer

Lock washers fatigue and fail, which means you could lose clamp force. The hardened flat washer provides a positive clamp force area, eliminating the erosion of clamp force, thereby reducing the possibility of a ball coming loose.


4. Exclusive Clamp-Indicating Fastener

Our industry-leading, patented fastener system provides a simple and consistent method of determining the desired clamp force. Once installed, this system works similar to a locknut in preventing the ball from coming loose.



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