Ford Bronco Sport Overview & Accessories

The year is 1966; the original muscle car era begins with the Ford Mustang and Pontiac GTO; young teenagers are looking to strive to pop culture and assimilate to the latest society has to offer. Manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors sought to give the young crowd a sport and fun vehicle for most young people. In doing so, Ford realized that to fulfill the entire marketplace, they needed to create a go-anywhere vehicle. With that mindset moving forward, Ford went on a quest to conceptualize a utilitarian vehicle enough to carry the family around town, run errands, but most importantly, move a generation outdoors into the wild.

Upon that vision, the mighty Ford Bronco was born, debuting as a two-door pickup concept; the Bronco changed the hearts and minds of what it meant to explore the great outdoors and take you places few have seen throughout the United States. Just as U-Haul set the standard to help millions of Americans move across a continent after the end of WWII, the Bronco put a mindset into the souls of families young and old to get out and go on an adventure that they would never forget. Conquering the wild has always been the philosophy of the Ford Bronco; at the end of the day, to tame the wild, you're going to need the wild to overcome whatever is comes your way.

The Ford Bronco and U-Haul share similar traits in that they both strive to push individuals to carve their path and take the road less traveled. Instead of relying on professional movers or hiring an expedition guide to take you off the beaten path. Fast-forwarding fifty years or so later, enthusiasts have been craving a new Bronco in any format to tame the wild once again. Luckily that time has finally come back for the 2021 model year; not only did they bring back the full-size Bronco that Americans know and love, but they paid tribute to the original 1980s Bronco II, aka "Baby Bronco." To support the all-new Bronco Sport, U-Haul is committed to bringing new owners the latest and most excellent accessories and adventure gear possible.

To reinvigorate the namesake, Ford went with a no-compromise approach to market an all-new "Baby Bronco" in the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. It provides versatility, off-road capability, and legendary heritage to the Bronco nameplate unlike ever before. Whereas the full-size Bronco is built for maximum off-road capability, the Bronco Sport is for the enthusiast looking to get the best of both worlds, including cruising around town and taking on various trails across the country to fit any individual's needs for their lifestyle. Every year, U-Haul focuses on bringing in the very best Hitch and vehicle accessories to market with our various partners and internal engineers to help gain the best for the individual who lives an active or adventurous lifestyle.

Getting into the outdoors and becoming one with nature is what Bronco Sport is all about. U-Haul has always wanted our consumer base to explore and help make moving simpler for all. It is why we worked directly with industry leaders such as Thule, Yakima, Allen Sports, and Saris. To provide various types of Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers that will help your Bronco Sport to carry more and get all your gear to your next outdoor adventure. Using the Goes Over Any Terrain (G.O.A.T.) philosophy in the all-new "Baby Bronco," you will be able to equip your new bucking Bronco with a plethora of accessories from U-Haul.

We couldn't be more excited about the all-new Bronco Sport and what it brings to the market. Throughout this article, we will give you a full in-depth scoop on everything on the 2021 Bronco Sport, how it is so versatile, and how you can equip your new bucking pony with the best hitch accessories possible from U-Haul!

Bronco Sport Capability

Unlike the Bronco II of the 1980s, the all-new Bronco Sport is designated to bridge the gap between efficiency and off-road performance. Thanks to modern automotive technology, innovation, and sophistication, so have the notion that you don't need a large displacement engine to create such a potent powertrain is why the Bronco Sport can go anywhere and do anything. Like its big brother, the Bronco Sport comes standard with four-wheel drive to tackle whatever trail or road you have in store. It enables enthusiasts that are avid mountain bikers to access some of the most challenging off-road, hiking, and biking trails throughout the United States, including states like Colorado, Arizona, and Utah that have such rugged terrain.

To adventure to places where most vehicles can't, the Bronco Sport engineering team went to work to deliver two variations of the powertrain to allow the consumer to conquer the wild no matter the terrain. When equipped with either the Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Base trim models, you will receive a 1.5 3-Cylinder EcoBoost engine, which produces an astonishing 181 horsepower at 6,000 RPM & 190 lb/ft of torque at 3,000 RPM for its small displacement. On the other hand, if that isn't enough power for the adventure seeker out there, you have the option to step up to the Badlands or First Edition models, where you will receive a 2.0L EcoBoost 4-Cylinder engine with a breathtaking 245 horsepower at 5,500 RPM and earth shredding 275 lb/ft of torque at 3,000 RPM. Allowing many outdoor enthusiasts to choose a Bronco Sport for their lifestyle, U-Haul takes this same approach in how we offer hitches and aftermarket accessories for your Bronco Sport experience.

Furthermore, if you are worried about getting stuck in muddy or snowy situations, well, G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) Modes have you covered. Choose any of the five models, and you will receive a standard four-wheel drive, a segment first. Suppose you step up to either the Badlands or First Edition models; your Bronco Sport will receive an upgraded terrain management system with seven G.O.A.T. Modes instead of the standard five on the Bronco Sport base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks. That will equip your wild pony with a twin-clutch rear differential featuring a locking rear-end. It allows your Bronco Sport to lock both rear axles simultaneously for maximum traction to the ground when the trail gets tricky.

Fortunately for enthusiasts everywhere, the Bronco Sport was given the same functionality as its big brother has but with an Escape chassis economic sense that it is built around. To enable companies like U-Haul to give owners and adventure enthusiasts the very best options in automotive aftermarket accessories. Unlike the Ford Escape chassis it is built upon, the Bronco Sports unibody is much larger so that it can be more practical for whatever trail or adventure you decide to go out on. One of the most significant features is the ability to enable consumers to have two full-size bikes with the front wheel disconnected to be fitted within the vehicle's cabin as long as you allow both rear seats folded completely flat.

Having a flat-folding rear seat will also help you plan to move or transport cargo for the long haul, whether for an outdoor adventure or to your next tailgate, where you might be grilling on your propane grill. Better yet, for your next mountain bike adventure, you'll be able to carry two full sizes of bikes right in the back of your Bronco Sport, giving you ample room to take you anywhere, whatever your lifestyle.

Bronco Sport Versatility

Built into every 2021 Bronco Sport are versatility and sophistication. Every new owner and enthusiast can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest while bringing along all of their gear. The Bronco nameplate has given millions of Americans the ability to take anything and go anywhere for decades. During the 1960s, adventure seekers looked for a vehicle that could go anywhere and take all their gear with them. To answer this call from the American public, Ford worked to create something the automotive world had never seen before, a vehicle capable enough of going anywhere over any terrain; this became known today as Bronco. It is where the Bronco Sport gets all of its excellent versatile capabilities and features that have brought in with modern technology and engineering.

If you're the outdoor and off-road enthusiast with no limits, well, you have come to do the right place because U-Haul can help you bring equipment and various items such as a pop-up camper, cargo carrier, and all-terrain vehicles such as ATVs and Dirt Bikes. It gives it the versatility to be the leader within a growing segment of small off-road SUVs. U-Haul provides many ways to equip their vehicle with a fitted or custom tow hitch; we will also be offering a wide variety of products that will aid each Bronco Sport owner to create even better adventures on and off-road.

Since the Bronco came to fruition in the 1960s, consumers and enthusiasts alike have been using it to obtain experiences, adventures and seek the outdoors. Like the original Bronco II, the all-new Bronco Sport has the mindset of being able to go anywhere and take anything while giving you all the creature comforts of modern-day technology. The unique molly strap is on the back of both the passenger and driver seat, integrated front and rear cameras, trail maps to help you map out the adventure ahead of you, and cargo management systems. That allows you to take all your necessary gear with you to the most challenging places in the country.


Bronco Sport Hitch Accessories 

To ensure the "Built Wild" mentality continues into the aftermarket. U-Haul has focused very hard on partnering with the best in the industry to give you the ability to equip your Bronco Sport with cargo management, roof rack, and bike rack options. During the launch of the Ford Bronco Sport back in the Summer of 2020, Ford announced that they would offer over 100 factory accessories and give customers a choice to equip their Bronco Sport with precisely what they need. But, one thing is for sure not every new owner will be able to purchase their Bronco Sport from the factory with a bike rack, cargo management system, or roof rack. That is why U-Haul is setting the standard amongst our competitors to offer the absolute most comprehensive selection of hitch accessories in the marketplace for the Bronco Sport enthusiast in mind.

If you ask any Bronco Sport owner, they are the type of individuals who are searching for their next adventure beyond the road the less traveled. We here at U-Haul can relate to this mentality; helping people conquer the unknowns beyond the horizon is what we do best. Since the early 1950s, U-Haul has helped millions of customers fulfill their hitch needs by carefully learning precisely our customer needs through research and directly asking our consumer base what they want out of their Towing Hitch long term. Your trailer hitch will be one of the most prominent features you may rely on your Bronco Sport. Adventure seekers are the primary reason we seek to provide the best equipment to help you and your Baby Bronco take anything to go anywhere. It includes your dirt bikes to the trails, camping gear on your cargo carrier, and even carrying your bikes to your favorite trails to ride out in the desert. Being versatile in everything U-Haul provides in our services and the products we sell separates us from our competition.

One of the most significant advantages that the Bronco Sport has over its Jeep and Land Rover competition is the ability to bridge the gap between the hustle and bustle of city life while still giving you full capability to get out into the wild to explore the unknown. In doing so, we think it is so incredible how Ford took the time to introduce and offer over 100 factory accessory options for consumers to outfit their Bronco Sport. Just as Ford put this amount of effort, here at U-Haul, we are going to be offering one of the widest selections of purpose-made accessories for your Baby Bronco. Like its bigger brother, the Bronco Sport will be available to receive a host of accessory options from U-Haul, including:

Roof Rack:

    • Inno Roof Rack: This stylish yet rugged Roof Deck will allow you and your Bronco Sport to carry more cargo up top on the roof for your next camping, hiking, or biking adventure.

      • It uses most factory crossbars
      • Universal mounting system
      • Fitting to aero
      • Large diameter alminum frame with tough coating
      • Includes locks and keys
      • Width 55" X Length 55"
      • Matte Black
      • Made of lightweight aluminum

    • Inno Eye Bolt: Designed as an add-on to your factory Inno Roof Deck as a tie-down point to ensure all of your gear is securely fastened.

      • Comes with a set of two
      • Instant tie-down points for gear and supplies
      • Rugged steel construction
      • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Front Runner Stratchit:

    • Adjustable from 22" to 63" inches with an additional 8" inches when full stretched.
    • Strachits abosrb tension like a stretchy ratchet strap
    • Sold in pairs
    • Secure: Surboards, Bicycles, Firewood, and Camping Gear


    • Rightline Trash Bag: This Center Console Trash Bag contains your trash and smells while you and your family are on a long road trip adventure. They are equipped with leak-proof protection.

      • Large size is perfect or extended road trips
      • Accessabile from the front and rear seats
      • Leak-proof with welded seam construction
      • The drawstring top contains trash and smells.

  • NOCO Genious GB40: Don't worry if you get stranded out on your adventure, whether you in the forest or desert; the NOCO Genious has you covered. With the ability to jumpstart your Bronco Sport or your cell phone.

    • Compact but powerful enough to jump start using at 1,000 Amps, allowing 20 jump starts on a single charge.
    • Ultra-safe and mistake-proof design with spark-proof technology allowing to connect to any battery.
    • Ultra-bright 100 lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

Trailer Hitch:

    • Inno Tire Hold 2: Are you the type of adventure seeker who loves both going off-road in their Bronco Sport but also wants to take their other off-road transportation in their mountain bike.

      • Fit 1 1/4" and 2" receivers with an adapter (included).
      • Foldable trays when not in use
      • Tays tilt down to allow access trunk with a lever

  • Mammoth Rotomolded Cooler:

    • Featuring thick insulated walls
    • Perfect for those outdoor adventures beyond the road less traveled
    • Ready for on-the-go explorers to keep your food and beverages ice cold
  • Pro Grip Rachet Set:

    Ensure your cargo is securely fastened on your off-road journey is key to any Bronco Sport enthusiast or owner. That is why Pro Grip has a complete ratchet line that U-Haul will offer for the 2021 Bronco Sport models.

These are just some of the various accessories and products for your Bronco Sport we will be offering very shortly. Whether you're at your local U-Haul store or you would like to purchase online, we will make sure your "Baby Bronco" has the tools to take you on your next adventure. Furthermore, just like its big brother in the full-size Bronco, the Bronco Sport will be optioned with a host of purpose-built accessories from the factory, including lightbars, rock rails, skid plates, rooftop tents, and more. These tools will give you what you need to find out what "Built Wild" truly means in the American outback, desert, and tundra.


Why Purchase Bronco Sport Accessories At U-Haul?

Many companies throughout the automotive aftermarket will provide simple solutions that only get you started on what you need for your Bronco Sport. Here at U-Haul, we are changing the game with the ability to provide you with various options for your new Bronco Sport to ensure you have everything you need. Still, many competitors will fall short in giving you the best service quality to fulfill your "Baby Bronco" needs. Our process is entirely comprehensive so that you will understand precisely what you're getting from your professionally installed tow hitch, cargo carrier, and most importantly, transport those precious mountain bikes to your favorite trails.

Since U-Hauls humble beginnings almost eight decades ago, we have always been at the forefront of innovation and customer service. Our mission has been to provide Americans with the best moving expertise and vehicle equipment possible; this same philosophy goes into every one of our hitches, bike racks, and accessories for your Bronco Sport. There hasn't been a more exciting time for the return of a legend in the automotive world than the Ford Bronco lineup in recent memory. It isn't just because of the full-size Bronco but also because of the Broncos little brother's return, the Bronco Sport. These two vehicles are responsible for the buzz and excitement regardless of what type of enthusiast you are in automotive culture.

Each one of the accessories, tow hitches, and hitch equipment we provide to our customers is carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality standards you are accustomed to getting from any U-Haul products and services. We are so excited to bring our customers the latest and greatest to what the industry offers for the Bronco Sport. The versatility, capability, and sophistication Ford have put into the return of the "Baby Bronco" is incredible. We are exceedingly excited here at U-Haul to be able to offer an entire lineup of accessories and upgrades to your Bronco Sport that will help you not only from a day-to-day standpoint but most especially out on the trail or wilderness.

If you would like to learn more about all the products U-Haul will be offering for your 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, head down to your local U-Haul center to have it purchased and installed or go directly to to order online and pick it up in-store or have it shipped to you today.

Image Credit: Ford Motor Company | Ford Bronco

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