How To Install a Hitch Ball Mount on Your Vehicle


A trailer hitch is a relatively straight forward piece of equipment. There are several parts that work together to connect your trailer to your vehicle and provide a high level of safety and functionality while towing. One of those parts is the hitch ball mount.

If you’re new to the world of hitches and trailering, this guide will help you learn more about ball mounts, including how to install a ball mount on your vehicle and tips for choosing the right ball mount.

What is a Ball Mount Used For?

A ball mount is the removable component that connects the hitch ball to the trailer hitch. Securing the ball mount to the trailer hitch is necessary to keep the trailer properly attached to the tow vehicle. Ball mounts also help provide a level connection between the tow vehicle and trailer.

There are two main parts on a ball mount: the shank, which is the part that slides into the hitch receiver, and the ball platform, which houses the hitch ball. There is also a hole for the hitch pin or hitch lock.

When you purchase a ball mount, especially from a provider such as U-Haul, your ball mount will come with these components and be ready for installation.

How Do I Install a Trailer Hitch Ball Mount? Three Easy Steps!

  1. Slide the ball mount into the trailer hitch.
  2. Insert the hitch pin through the hole in the receiver and ball mount.
  3. Secure the hitch pin by inserting the straight leg of the clip in the hitch pin.

It’s really that simple!

How Do I Choose the Right Ball Mount?

Before you install a ball mount, it’s important to make sure you’re using the correct ball mount. The primary aspects to consider are the hitch drop amount and trailer height. Taking these factors into account will help you have a safe and level trailer connection. If you’re not sure whether the ball mount you have is compatible, learn more about measuring and choosing the correct ball mount.

Keep in mind that there are different types of ball mounts to choose from, such as ball mounts that rise or drop. Whether you need a ball mount with a drop or rise will depend on your trailer and hitch height. There are also adjustable ball mounts, though they are typically used with heavier trailer applications and weight distributing hitches. Learn more about the different types of hitches.

Whether you’re shopping for hitch accessories or looking to get a hitch installed on your vehicle, U-Haul has everything you need. Visit to learn more.

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