What Makes U-Haul Hitches Timeless?

History of U-Haul Hitches

The year is 1945; it is one of the most significant years in world history and mostly American history. It meant the end of the most horrific conflict in history and World War II. Most importantly, it was the soldiers' return, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines returning from war to start their lives all across America. While returning from combat with the United States Navy in the summer of 1945, L.S. "Sam" Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty Shoen realized a need for do-it-yourself moving equipment. They planned to aid a space in which no one seemed willing to serve the American public.

Starting with a 1937 Ford and $5,000 in savings, the Shoen's and their young son moved from Los Angeles, California, to Portland, Oregon. While on their long road trip, all three of them were brainstorming what names they should come up with, and eventually, the U-Haul name was born. In the summer of 1945, they would launch what we all know today as U-Haul International or, only back then, was known as U-Haul Trailer Rental System.

From there on, they would set on a path to create the most recognizable do-it-yourself moving company in existence; this tradition still carries on well into the twenty-first century. Throughout the company's history, we have always made a need-based product rather than a want-based solution. As technology progressed throughout the automotive and transportation industry, so did the needs of many regarding how they would haul their trailer or belongings. Just as we created the first rental cargo trailer, we created the first entity where people could have a custom or fitted hitch to their specific make and model.

This article will give you an exclusive look at how U-Haul single-handedly changed how people used the tow hitch to transform people's lives and how we innovated a need for the masses!

History of U-Haul Hitches

History Behind U-Haul Hitches

U-Haul is solely responsible for creating a space that filled the needs of millions of Americans across the country. With the innovation came the need for the proper trailer hitch to be installed on thousands of vehicles nationwide. During the late 1940s, not many manufacturers were equipping their trucks or cars with a standard factory OEM hitch in what we see today from the big three American automakers in Ford, GM, and Mopar. It gave U-Haul yet another opportunity to fill the needs of a space that few or none of known to exist in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

As U-Haul grew, so did the demand for more trailers to be built so that everyone could move freely throughout the country. Consumers didn't realize that they would need a proper hitch and receiver to tow the incredibly versatile trailer from U-Haul. As technology in trucks and vehicles progress with more torque, horsepower, and efficiency, so did the innovation behind each U-Haul tow hitch. Through this, we were able to partner with many companies to come up with more hitch options for hundreds of different models of vehicles than any other company in the United States.

During the 1950s, truck and car owners realized the best way to transport large amounts of cargo locally was with a Cargo Trailer and a Trailer Hitch. Therefore, U-Haul created a niche within the marketplace, the likes of which had never been seen. Since then, we have become the leader in consumer choice in permanent receiver hitch installation in the automotive aftermarket. Giving customers the most value by offering the most footprint nationwide for your trailer hitch while giving you peace of mind no matter what the road brings you.


U-Haul Hitch Innovation

Since our humble beginnings, U-Haul has been at the forefront of innovation for its consumer base not only to help move families and people but the way we facilitate that movement. With our humble beginnings in creating the first rental trailers on the marketplace to developing innovative solutions to help our consumers take their cargo with them, our hitches come with some serious innovation. What separates U-Haul from the pack is the ability to be a one-stop-shop service for all your trailer and trailer cargo accessory needs. Whereas others in the marketplace, you will have to go to several outlets to get a collaborative ecosystem to meet all your needs; we have it underneath one roof.

Working with various automotive manufacturers and hitch companies, U-Haul can engineer and develop the very best in towing hitches, receivers, ball mounts, hitch balls, and vehicle hitch wiring. All of our innovations are carefully thought out for every vehicle. As new cars and trucks come out, we take it very seriously to work with our partners and engineers to develop the very best innovation in hitches to give our consumers the very best options.


U-Haul Hitch Receiver Versatility

Hitch Versatility

Not only does having a tow hitch give you the ability to take anything with you and hook up a highly engineered U-Haul trailer to your vehicle no matter if you're moving or transporting cargo, and it can also change the way you live your life. For decades, outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts have been trusting U-Haul for their needs, not just for a hitch receiver but for all the accessories the automotive aftermarket offers. For many years, U-Haul has partnered with industry leaders in hitch accessories, most importantly bike racks.

One of the most popular additions to any hitch is a bike rack, anyone from mountain bikers to transporting their bikes on vacation. Our hitch and hitch accessory department can research and develop implemented products that will enhance your hobbies, lifestyle, and the way you carry your cargo to give added value choices. With our collaboration and partnerships with companies like Thule, Yakima, Allen Sports, and Saris, U-Haul can offer the largest selection of bike racks in the automotive aftermarket.

Not only does a U-Haul quality trailer hitch offer the ability to carry a bike rack, but you will be able to take so much more while on a road trip or long journey. You might be wondering how is this possible? If so, you will want to look at our versatile cargo management systems that will allow you to carry more belongings than just in your trunk, truck bed, or on top of your roof rack. To accomplish this, you will need to pick up one of our many Cargo Carriers; each one we offer will give you a differentiation of options for whatever your lifestyle or needs may be.

For example, let's say you are headed out to the mountains for an extended camping trip. A cargo management carrier can offer a broader amount of contents, including firewood, ice cooler, and bulkier items that wouldn't usually fit inside your typical mid-size sedan or small SUV.

Reasons Why To Purchase A U-Haul Hitch

For just over seventy-five years, U-Haul is the industry standard when it comes to getting a custom or fitted tow hitch to your vehicle. More importantly, we have helped millions of Americans and their families move a nation to where it is today. Our continuous innovation in both our hitches and trailers can offer an unsurpassed service that we strive to benefit you, the customer. While giving unrivaled service is what we push for the most, U-Haul pushes the envelope to provide the very best affordable prices and provide more availability to our consumer base.

Through our various partners such as Curt, Draw-Tile, B&W, REESE, and Hidden Hitch, U-Haul can provide unsurpassed value in the industry. Since our inception in 1945, we have brought innovative and simplistic solutions to lives' most challenging moves. We have always made it a mission to provide the very best towing equipment to our consumers to help move your life forward no matter what the job may entail; whether you're moving across the country or around the corner, U-Haul has you covered.

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