Are Pickup Trucks the Right Choice for Your Fleet?

Are you looking at adding a pickup truck or two to your business’ vehicle fleet? Pickup trucks are a popular choice for many companies, and for good reason. But it’s fair to wonder if they are the right choice for your fleet. To help you make a more informed purchase, here are some tips regarding pickup trucks and how they might pair with your fleet to help you evaluate your needs.

Common types of fleet vehicles

Before you set your sights on a pickup truck (or any other vehicle style), you may want to review some other popular types fleet vehicles. There may be something better suited for your needs that you didn’t consider previously.\

Popular fleet vehicles:

  • Cargo vans: Popular with mobile service companies, like locksmiths.
  • Pickup trucks: Great for companies that haul tools and other equipment.
  • Box trucks: Common with moving and delivery companies.
  • Cars: Often used by salespeople, taxis and other people-only services.
  • SUVs: Ideal for companies that need more passenger space than cargo space.

What is your fleet used for?

Answering this question may be the simplest way to determine the right vehicle for your business. For example, a taxi company should probably avoid using pickup trucks or cargo vans for their fleet, considering they are not as passenger friendly as a sedan or SUV. The opposite is true for an HVAC service provider, who will need plenty of cargo space for tools and equipment.

Another import factor is driving style and road environment. Does your fleet do a lot of urban travel? If so, fuel economy could be a major selling point, since frequent stops and shorter trips are harder on gas mileage than longer trips on the open highway. What about terrain? If you anticipate traveling on dirt and other rough roads, you might want to avoid vehicles with a low profile.

What can pickup trucks do for your fleet?

A pickup truck can offer plenty of perks. But whether it’s right for you ultimately depends on what you need out of a commercial vehicle and what you value more. Here are some of the primary benefits provided by a pickup truck.

Hauling and cargo room

Hauling capability is big plus for pickup trucks. While not quite as spacious as a cargo van or minivan, pickup trucks have enough cargo room to haul all sorts of tools, equipment and products. An open truck bed is also better for hauling oddly-shaped items, like piping or lumber, than an enclosed cargo van.

Towing capacity

Towing is another useful benefit among pickup trucks. Full-size pickup trucks in particular can haul thousands of pounds more than base model cargo vans like the Ford Transit-150, and much more than a car or small SUV. If you pull utility trailers frequently, a pickup truck might be a smarter option.

Fuel economy

People often think of pickup trucks as “gas guzzlers,” but that’s not always the case. In fact, pickup trucks often have better fuel economy than cargo vans despite being comparably-sized. The GMC Sierra pickup, for example, gets up to 20 MPG in the city, whereas a Ford Transit van receives about 15 MPG.

When to consider other vehicles for your fleet

Of course, a pickup truck might not be the best option for your fleet. There are plenty of scenarios that call for another type of vehicle over a pickup truck, including:

  • You need more room for passengers
  • You prefer an enclosed cargo area
  • You don’t need to haul equipment or products
  • You require more cargo space for larger items

Another less-obvious downside to commercial trucks: less room for advertising. Cargo vans essentially double as a marketing canvas for your business, whereas trucks – even those that are wrapped – have limited space for your logo and contact information. This might be something to consider if you plan on utilizing your vehicles for branding.

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