Give Your Fleet Some Love With These Work Truck Accessories

Don’t wait for a special occasion or an emergency breakdown to show your company’s fleet trucks some love. Accessorizing your fleet isn’t just a matter of adding some sparkle to your transport, it’s about safety and convenience too. Adding chrome siding and an antenna spring mount to your used truck or van is fine, but here are some must-haves that we recommend adding to your fleet’s wish list.

Exterior Accessories

While there are a lot of commercial truck drivers who love to dress up their rides with reindeer antlers on the roof or eyelashes on the headlights, we want to focus on the practical add-ons.

Grille guards and front bumper push bars can get pricey but they can save you a lot of heartache with their stability and safety features at the time of an accident. Bull bars and bumper covers can help to prevent damage at front-end impact as well.

Rear bumper light bars and light panels come in handy for when you’re driving on poorly lit country roads at night. And don’t forget to replace those mud flaps. Along with getting more high-tech, mud flaps can also allow you to express yourself on the road through fun designs and logos.

Interior Accessories

It can be easy to get lost like a kid in a candy store when it comes to adding accessories to the interior of your fleet truck. Keep it to the basics, but don’t be too stingy. While you might think that replacing your 20-year-old CB radio with a new noise cancelling 4 pin CB microphone is lavish, having tools that work well can save you money down the road.

Getting back to the issue of safety, having an extra emergency road assistance kit is a top priority if you’re a fleet driver. Have a kit that includes all the first-aid dressings, a fire extinguisher, spare fuse batteries, a multi-purpose tool, rain poncho, seatbelt cutter, flares, duct tape and a flashlight.

Driver Accessories

Aside from the items you can have inside and outside of your truck, there are a few odds and ends that can be useful whether you’re inside or outside of your truck. Mobile hotspots are a must if you want to stay in contact with your manager or customers who are awaiting a delivery. Also, hands-free Bluetooth devices allow drivers to be in contact while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel.

Because a driver’s work doesn’t stop while their fleet vehicle is in park, a steering wheel desk can provide comfort and convenience in between deliveries. The ergonomic work surface easily snaps into place on the driver’s wheel for the times when you need to fill out paperwork or if you just want a place to put your laptop or food that isn’t your lap, the passenger seat or the dashboard.

If you’ve already added these safety and convenience features to your company’s fleet, we’d love to know what your experience has been. Are there other accessories on your wish list that we missed? Also, if you’re in the market to upgrade or add to your fleet, check out the used trucks, cabs and chassis featured on our site. Contact us to schedule a test drive. We’d love to hear from you.

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