Turn Your Fleet Trucks and Vans into Your Marketing Tool

Promoting your small business using print, television, radio and the web is essential at the basic level of marketing. Small businesses that use commercial trucks can take their advertising the extra mile when they turn their vehicle into a marketing tool. We’re talking about vehicle wrapping, magnetic signs, window decals and any form of signage on wheels. There are so many reasons to take your advertising on the road. Here are just a few:

Increase Conversions

From basic to brilliant, mobile advertising has been known to bring in business for most SMBs (small/medium businesses). To calculate the amount of impressions your truck or van will get, you will want to consider the amount of hours driven, multiply that by how many days driven, and then multiply that by 1,000 (or less if you are driving in less populated areas); the sum is the number of impressions your truck or van advertising will gain.

Typically, if you are using your vehicle for 10 hours a day, four days a week, you can estimate that at least 40,000 people have seen your vehicle’s ad. Of those impressions, at least one percent, or 400, of the drivers who see the vehicle advertisement will remember the product and a fraction of those will contact the small business because they saw the advertisement.

Depending on the cost of your product or service, if you can get 10 of those prospects to convert, you’ve likely made the return for your vehicle’s advertising expense.

Stand Out

While you want drivers to be paying attention to the road when driving, mobile ads can bring in more than two times the impressions that a static billboard will generate, says Perception Research. And mobile ads don’t have to be still either. There are a lot of digital and video ads on new and used cargo vans and box trucks hitting the road.

While a digital ad on your truck or van might be a bit pricier, it’s a one-time upfront cost that will pay back in spades.

Increase Productivity

Often it’s the person who works smarter, not harder, who gets ahead. Bringing your advertising everywhere you go is smart and requires no extra effort on your part. If you’re going to drive your truck or van around to run errands or to conduct business in any way, you might as well be advertising in an easy and non-invasive way with prospects.

Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve chosen which type of advertising you want to affix to your commercial truck or van, make sure that the advertising you use is easy to read and remember. Your prospects are likely not going to be able to write down your website or phone number, if you have that information on your vehicle.

  • Have a number that spells a word or phoneword that corresponds with the business that you offer. You might already have a one in your business’ number and not know it. One tool that can help you find that phoneword is a phone number spelling tool offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas.
  • Quickbooks recommends that you create a separate 800 number just for your mobile advertising, so you can track where your prospects’ calls are coming from. They also suggest that SMBs advertise discounts only offered on their fleet trucks or vans.

Regardless of whether you use your work vehicle to double as a marketing tool for your small business, be sure to visit our website and check out our latest inventory of used Ford trucks, transit vans and cargo vans. We’ve got the perfect vehicle to double as a billboard for your small business.

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