10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Boulder, Colorado

Want to escape to the mountains without having to leave behind civilization completely? Then you’ll love the electric town of Boulder, Colorado! Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a city known for its breathtaking views, amazing schools, and a thriving job market, making it a great place for young professionals and families alike. 

Interested in what makes Boulder stand out from the crowd? Here are 10 things that’ll make you want to pack up and move there today! 

1. The Weather 

The Boulder, Colorado weather is gorgeous all year round. The temperature rarely spikes over 83 degrees, while the lows normally sit in the low 20s. This makes it a perfect place for enjoying the fresh mountain air and partaking in outdoor activities all year round. 

In Boulder, you can expect snow. You’ll be in the mountains, after all!  But keep in mind that the winter’s can get very snowy, which can be a huge adjustment for transplants. Additionally, Boulder has also experienced wildfires during the summer months. Needless to say, if you’re living in Boulder, you’ll want to check out the daily weather report! 

2. Close to Nature 

There are over 100 miles of hiking trails in Boulder, making outdoor excursions one of the most popular things to do. In Boulder, you’re surrounded by mountains and other gorgeous landscapes, like waterfalls, rock formations, and picturesque valleys. 

Did you know that over 135 million years ago, there was a massive inland sea in Boulder? We can tell by the ancient rock formations called the Dakota Sandstone. You may not be able to catch some waves, but this ancient beach is totally worth the visit! 

3. Close to Denver 

Boulder is about 30 miles away from Denver and about 45 minutes away from Denver International Airport. It’s safe to say that you’ll probably need a car in Colorado, but in Boulder, it’s not hugely necessary.  

Boulder is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States. And on top of that, they have a public transit system that can take residents around town. So, while a car is definitely helpful, you can definitely get by without one here in Boulder! 

4. It’s a Healthy Place to Live 

To many, Boulder is considered the epicenter of the natural and organic foods industry. It also has the highest consumption of organic foods in North America. The organic food industry doesn’t just keep Boulder’s economy healthy, but it’s people too. 

We also mentioned that Boulder is the best place for folks that love the outdoors. With all the hiking and biking trails, rock climbing opportunities, and other outdoor excursions, you’re guaranteed to get your body moving! 

5. The Tranquility 

We’re probably making it sound that there’s a lot going on in Boulder, but it’s actually pretty peaceful! It’s unlike other cities, in Boulder, you get more of a quiet small-town feel. After all, the population of Boulder sits at around 100,000 people (that’s only 1/6th of the population of Denver). 

If you’re looking for all the best parts of a city without all the hustle, bustle, and people, you may find that Boulder is the city for you.

6. Steeped in Arts and Culture

The population of Boulder has always been powered by arts, history, and culture. You’ll never have a dull day in Boulder thanks to the 15 art galleries, 6 museums, and handful of theaters. In fact, street performers often line the famous Pearl Street, offering entertainment to locals and tourists alike.  

One symbol of Boulder’s dedication to preserving arts and culture is the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. It is a celebration of Boulder’s sister city relationship with Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Over 40 artists from Tajikistan designed and produced this gorgeous building. Since the 90s this teahouse has hosted many events, provided delicious food and drink, and represented the power behind embracing other cultures.  

7. Award-Winning Food and Drink 

The food scene in Boulder is more than just yummy, it’s award winning! In fact, Boulder is home to Frasca Good and Wine, which has been awarded its own MICHELIN Star. And on top of that, Bon Appetit declared Boulder to be one of the best cities for foodies in the United States.  

But that’s not all! No dinner is complete without a refreshing beverage. Luckily, Boulder is home to some of the greatest breweries in America. There are about 20 to choose from, but if you’re the type that can’t decide, there are also brewery tours that can help you explore your options. 

8. The Population is Educated

The University of Colorado, Boulder enrolls about 36,000 students every year. And on top of that, about 62% of the metro population already has a bachelor’s degree, with 27% of that group also acquiring graduate or professional degrees. With that in mind, it’s not a shock that the highly educated population also leads to many tech companies opening operations in Boulder.  

9. The Job Outlook is Great 

Boulder’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average. And because the population is so highly educated, many startups began opening their doors and setting up shop near the Rocky Mountains. In fact, Google opened a new campus in Boulder, which means big things are in store for the growing tech community.   

Because of the strength of the economy, Boulder can be a pretty expensive place to live. But on the bright side, the median income levels out to about $64,000 a year.  

10. It’s Pet Friendly 

If you have a dog, they’ll be right at home in Boulder. There are plenty of open patios, pet-friendly businesses, and a whole bunch of animal lovers. Just make sure you keep your furry friend on a leash, so they don’t run off into the mountains! 

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