What can I pack in a U-Box® Container?

As you begin going through your belongings to pack what you want to take with you on your move, what things you may want to donate, and what you want to just throw away, you may wonder what items you can pack into your U-Box® container. Whether you’re planning on storing your container with a local U-Haul® facility or shipping it to your new home in another state or country, you’ll want to know what items not to load into the container.  

Some irreplaceable items should remain with you during your move and cannot be packed in your U-Box container. Consider keeping these types of items with you when you are moving one-way as you may need access to them during your move. If you are using your container to store, consider storing these items in a safe inside your home.

  • Deeds & documents, including legal and financial documents (passports, visas, birth certificates) and securities
  • Medications
  • Currency, photographs and electronic data
  • Watches, jewelry, precious stones or metals
  • Artwork, stamps, collectibles and antiques
  • Firearms
  • Fur or garments trimmed with fur

Hazardous and dangerous items are also prohibited from being loaded inside a U-Box container. This includes:

  • Explosives or fireworks
  • Tanks or bottles designed to contain butane or propane, containers for gas barbeque grills, torches, heaters, tools and appliances, as well as tanks and bottles certified as empty but still under pressure
  • Animals, food, liquids or plants

You will want to drain gas and other fluids from lawnmowers, weed eaters, etc. before loading them into your container. Motor vehicles of any type are prohibited. Learn more here

U-Box containers are designed to hold common household items, such as furniture, clothing, boxes of books, mattresses and linens, housewares, dishes, small and large appliances. For packing tips and to see how you can pack your container like the pros, visit ubox.com/loading.

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