How to Create a Photo Display Wall

Do you have a ton of great photos of family and friends, but not enough shelf space to display them? A photo display wall may be the perfect way to solve your predicament. This gallery-inspired design trend is a great way to tie together the theme and style of your room, while personalizing it with great memories. What’s more, a photo display wall is a very affordable wall décor option and has more sentimental value than most fine art! Below are some insider tips to help you create a photo display wall in your own home.

photo display wall
Easily print your photos from Instagram, with Pinstagram.

Plan: Before you begin to create your photo display wall, spend some time planning out the design of the wall. This will determine the type and size of photos you print as well as the style of frames you decide to purchase. A mix of a few large photos with several smaller photos is a great way to create visual interest and variety on your wall.

Print Photos: Now, it’s time to select and print the photos you want to display. There are so many great photo printing sites that allow you to customize your prints to match virtually any style. My favorites are:

Basic:– This site offers affordable prints in any size, plus makes it really easy to upload your ready-to-print photos.

Customized:– If you are a big a fan of Instagram like me, you’ve probably been yearning for a site where you can print all of your unique photos from your Instagram collection. Pinstagram makes it possible, and even easy to print those unique-sized square pictures. You can choose to print a poster, or classic square prints in 2.5 x 2.5 or 4 x 4 sizes.

photo display wall
Handmade frames found on Etsy are beautiful and unique.

Purchase Frames: Once you’ve printed your photos, you’re ready to select your frames. If you are on a budget, then garage sales and thrift shops are a great way to go. Refinish these frames with some plain spray paint, or check out this video with instructions on how to make your picture frame look antique. If you would rather purchase new frames, then you have many different options. My favorites are:

Affordable: Ikea– My go-to-store for the most affordable frames around is Ikea. This is an especially good place if you want a simplistic or modern style.

Unique:– Etsy features a huge variety of handmade goods. The frames you find here are not likely to be found in your friend’s home. From modern to ornate, you can find several frames to match your style, and at reasonable prices. 

Hang: The final step to your photo display wall is to put it all up! Start by using the floor as a staging area to arrange your photos and decide how you’d like to hang them (once you hammer that nail, there’s no going back). You can opt for a clean and uniform pattern of photos, or (my favorite) an arbitrary arrangement mixed with different shapes and sizes. Some beautiful examples:

photo display wall

Hanging Tip: photo ledges like this one are great for adding a different look to your wall.

Do you have great tips for creating a photo display wall in your home? Tell us below in the comments