5 Moving Day Safety Tips

There are many things that encompass being safe on moving day. While it isn’t necessary to live in fear during the days leading up to your move, you should be prepared to take the basic safety precautions on moving day. In this post, we share the top safety issues you should consider on moving day.

moving day
Pack your cargo tightly and tie off to avoid damage.

1. Secure your cargo: Whether you are moving with a trailer or a moving truck, always be sure to secure your cargo. Use ropes and tie downs to secure your items to the walls of the box, and use a tarp if hauling a trailer. This will prevent damage to your cargo during the ride, as well as keep your load stable.

2. Use a lock: Keeping your cargo secure doesn’t just mean within the truck or trailer. Once you’ve loaded up your belongings, be sure to use a lock on the truck or trailer door. This will prevent theft and is especially important for far distances, and those in which you will be leaving the truck or trailer unattended for a period of time.

Use a tow dolly for items that are too heavy to lift on your own.
Use a utility dolly for items that are too heavy to lift on your own.

3. Prepare for loading and unloading: It’s no surprise that loading and unloading are common times for injury to occur during a move. Prevent injury when loading and unloading your truck by following these most basic tips:

  • Stretch before you begin
  • Never attempt to lift anything that is too heavy
  • Always lift with your legs and never bend over at the back
  • Carry the load at comfortable arm’s level (below shoulder height but above waist)

4. Learn how to properly operate your equipment: Accidents can occur at any time. Not understanding how to properly operate your equipment can increase the chances of something going wrong during your move. Take some time before you go to get familiar with your equipment, read the owner’s manual, and look for helpful how-to videos.

What to Wear Moving Day
These are both great examples of how easy it is to layer-up so that you will be comfortable all day. Photos: Forever21.com

5. Wear proper attire: What you wear is more important than you might think. You should always wear attire that fits comfortably and doesn’t have excess fabric that could catch on something. Choose footwear that is closed-toed and easy to walk in. Tennis shoes are a great option, just make sure to tie them! If the weather is cold, dress warm in removable layers that you can take off once inside and unpacking. (more on what to wear)

Are there any other safety tips that you are sure to follow on moving day? Let us know below in the comments section!