Transporting Gravel — Do’s and Don’ts

Thinking about using a trailer for transporting gravel or mulch? Have you ever thought about doing a home improvement project with mulch or rocks and then said no because you didn’t have a way to get it home?

Well today is the day that all changes. Using a trailer to transport gravel, mulch or other stones is actually a very simple thing to do. And with these view tips it will be even easier!

Be sure not to load about the gravel line in a u-haul trailer
Be sure not to load above the gravel line in a U-Haul trailer

DO: Use an open air trailer like a utility trailer to transport gravel on other supplies like mulch and sand. An enclosed trailer is designed for moving household goods and not for home improvement supplies.

DON’T: Load gravel, mulch or stone higher than the gravel line marked in the trailer (about four inches above the trailer bed.) These items are much heavier and packed much more tightly than household goods so their quantity needs to be reduced.

DO: Reduce driving speed and stay alert while driving. Because of the nature of the load, weight can shift on turns and curves. Reducing speed helps to avoid this problem.

DON’T: Follow too closely — allow at least four seconds of following distance and at least five seconds of following distance in inclement weather.

DO: Brake earlier than usual and practice defensive driving.

You can find even more trailering tips and user instructions here.

Have you ever used an open trailer to bring home gravel or mulch? Let us know in the comments below.