Making Your New Home Energy-Efficient

making your new home energy efficientSummer is almost here and it may be stressful moving into a new house with high electricity bills from poor insulation. For a quick green fix, use bubble wrap to insulate your windows as a quick and cost-effective way to save on energy bills. By using bubble wrap, there is a very small reduction in light coming from your windows, but it is sure to prevent heat loss in either direction. Follow these tips to make your new home energy-efficient.

bubble wrap insulationStep 1: Buy medium to large-sized bubble wrap at your local moving supply store

Step 2: Cut the bubble wrap to the size of the window pane with scissors

Step 3 – Fill an old spray bottle with water and spray the entire surface of the window

Step 4: While the window is still wet, apply bubble wrap and press to the window with the bubble side towards the glass until it sticks

Step 5: To ensure that the bubble wrap stays in place, use foil sealant tape to seal the seams and to provide maximum insulation

This method is especially effective for snowy areas during the winter, and desert areas in the summer.  By following these steps, you can save up to $200 each season! Save the bubble wrap for future use by numbering each piece with a number in the upper-left corner. This way, you know exactly where each piece goes and which way to apply it.

If you are looking to further increase efficiency, install double-pane windows, replace aluminum frames with vinyl, and open or close blinds to let in or keep out natural heat.

Have you tried using bubble wrap on your windows to make your home energy-efficient? Leave your tips in the comments below!