Tips for Moving Frequently

Moving is almost always a large undertaking. Whether it’s across town or across the country, nerves and patience can be tested if things don’t go as planned. Even though moving often isn’t an ideal situation, some groups of people cannot avoid moving frequently. These groups include:

  • Students attending university that choose to go home during breaks find themselves with a strange surplus of living supplies for the summer.
  • Young professionals may move frequently while trying to establish themselves in their careers.
  • Military members/families can move roughly every 1.5 to 2 years when changing stations.

While these situations may be unavoidable, moving does not have to be a pain! Here’s a list of easily implemented action items that can help make moving frequently easier.

Create a Plan Ahead Of Time

For those of you who are in the midst of a frequent-mover lifestyle, know how important it is to have a cohesive plan for moves. Tools like the Moving Supply Calculator are available to help you create a full moving plan. Knowing what you will need beforehand will help you prepare with ordering supplies ahead of time and reduce day-of-move headaches.

Keep the Important Things Close

Many people forget that packing up all of their possessions leaves nothing at their disposal. Keep overnight essentials (toiletries, changes of clothes, etc.) in a separate bag that you keep by your side throughout the moving process. This won’t necessarily save any time, but you won’t have any need to rip through boxes at your new home just to brush your teeth.

Keep Your Larger Items Manageable

If you know you are in a position where you will be moving frequently, having bulky and difficult furniture can potentially add to your stress levels. Our furniture moving guide offers some great tips on how to handle larger items. Regardless of whether you’re moving studio sized furniture or an entire single-family home, having a dolly or furniture pads on hand never hurt.

See This as a Time to Declutter

The amount of stuff a family or even one person can amass in a short amount of time is amazing. Our Moving Tips From a Military Wife blog gives us insight into the habits and tips a wife adopted while being a part of a military family that is constantly moving. While there are bound to be some things that are thrown in the dumpster, donating and recycling items is always an option! Sorting through throwaways and donations ahead of time can expedite the packing process when the time comes. 

Plan Storage Solutions

For students and seasonal residents, moving back and forth between different locations within a year or even a few months isn’t uncommon. If you do not own your property at your university or long-term vacation destination, then seasonal storage is an easy way to safely manage your items and reduce the risk of losing them during trips. If you would rather have all your belongings stored closer to you, our U-Box® containers can be shipped to your next destination for easy transportation. U-Box containers can be kept on your property or at a U-Haul storage location until you are ready to access them again!

Finding the Right Moving Vehicle

Now that you have planned, decluttered, and organized, it is time to figure out transportation. Unless you are moving a very small amount of items, you will need to find a rental that can accommodate your needs. For students, a cargo van rental or even a 10’ moving truck should offer enough space for your move. For families, a larger truck would be more appropriate due to size as well as towing capability. If you would like a more detailed description of different truck sizes, check out our article on choosing the right truck size.

Finding Help

Moving can be labor intensive, especially for those who are single and families with younger children. The physical demands of moving can be difficult to handle. Luckily, there are tons of moving services, like Moving Help® Marketplace to take some of the load off, literally.

We hope this has helped! By following these tips, you’ll master moving in no time! Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for more moving tips!