4 Easy Steps to Organizing a Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinetThe medicine cabinet is a great place to begin your bathroom organization. This is probably one of the areas that needs it most. While the medicine cabinet is a small space, don’t rule out the need or possibility of great organization in it! Here, we offer some quick tips to have your medicine cabinet organized in less than 30 minutes.

1. Empty: Start by taking every single item out of the cabinet, so you have a clean slate. While it’s empty, clean the shelves and insides of the cabinet- this is a place where germs can gather.

2. Sort: One of the culprits of clutter is holding onto old items you no longer use, need, or want. This is especially the case in medicine cabinets where we tend to hold onto items that have expired without realizing it. Go through all of the products from your cabinet and ensure the expiration date has not passed. The only items that should have a place here are frequently used products that are still ‘good’.

3. Purge: Time to toss out every product that you haven’t used in the past year. Using a year as the cut off allows you to account for items you only use one season of the year such as water-proof sunscreen. If you find items you would like to hold onto, but use infrequently, such as expensive prescriptions, then consider moving them under the sink where they will be out of the way. Again, only frequently used products belong in the medicine cabinet.

medicine cabinet4. Organize: Add extra storage and organization to the medicine cabinet by purchasing some additional compartments that are adhesive and go right on the door.  These are great for small items such as makeup and eye cream containers. Our favorites are these: StickOnPods Organizer. You can also purchase handy suction cup holders for toothbrushes and razors, as well as mini shelving to further organize each shelf. Determine the distance between each shelf based on the items you have. Group them according to size, then place the shelves in the cabinet so that each similar sized product has a shelf.

Stay tuned for our next bathroom organization post where we’ll uncover some great bathroom storage tips.