9 Products You Need to Organize Under Your Sink

Organizing under the sink can be a challenge because bathroom items come in different shapes and sizes!  One great advantage of the cabinet under the sink, is  it usually offers a tall space. By breaking down the space under your sink into smaller areas, you’ll maximize the use of this space and be more organized! In this post, you will learn how to work with the tricky space under the sink by organizing it with some of our favorite products.

1.  Shelves: If your vanity is shelf-less, chances are you have a lot of wasted space in the top half. Reclaim this space with tall shelving. Check out the options at your local hardware store, or some of our favorite units: sink storage

2. Sliding Organizer: Sliding storage in the bathroom is great because it saves your back. You won’t have to hunch over when reaching into the farthest corner of your cabinet. Our choice sliders:

  • Lynk Professional Kitchen Cabinet Rollout Storage Drawer- Target.com
  • Lynk Professional Kitchen Under-Sink Rollout Double Drawer- Target.com

3. Over-the-door Storage: When you want to utilize all the space under the sink, you can’t forget about over the cabinet caddies! These little gems make your goods easy to access and save cabinet floor space. The best we found:InterDesign Axis Over-the-Cabinet sink

4. Hooks: Hooks are a very practical storage option for loofahs, hair accessories, and cleaning supplies such as gloves or towels. Here are our top picks:

5. Towel Hangers: If hand towels litter the counter space around your sink, consider a few convenient and out of the way options inside your cabinet, like these ones:

6. Lazy Susans: Maximize the floor space in your cabinet with a lazy Susan. You can have access to whatever you need at the moment, and then simply spin for more options. Here are some notable contenders for under your sink: sink lazy susan

7. Baskets: With baskets, you can easily group similar items together and rearrange them however you’d like. We also prefer the look of baskets to plastic if you don’t want to see the contents inside. Some great baskets with form and function are

8.  Stackable Bins Clear plastic bins stacked on top of one another are great for storage because you can see what’s inside before you even reach for it. We love them because they’re among the least expensive organization options, and they’re incredibly functional. Consider adding labels for easier identification. The ones we love: sink container

9. Drawers Without built in drawers, you may have written off this awesome storage option. Don’t! You can find miniature drawer boxes at many places, and they are perfect for keeping like-items together. Consider stacking the boxes for even more storage potential:sink drawer

With these 9 under the sink organizers, you’ll spend less time rummaging through you cabinet to get to what you want. To continue the organization in the bathroom, head over to our last post, 4 Easy Steps to Organizing a Medicine Cabinet.