4 Steps to Organize Your Child’s Bedroom

Shelf storageWith the beginning of the new school year upon us, there’s never been a more appropriate time to put a plan in place to keep the kids’ room organized. Your child’s room is likely one of the toughest rooms in your home to keep tidy- despite your best efforts. And, you’re not alone! It’s common for children not to put away their toys once they are finished with them and playtime is over. This leads to disorder and chaos. The good news is,  you can encourage clean up by trying a few new organization tips in their bedroom. Follow our steps below and you’ll be well on your way to a more organized year.

1.) Make plenty of storage prominent and easy to access. Can you envision your child digging out their plastic bin from under the bed to put their toys away? We can’t either. Bins that are placed in obvious and convenient places help your child feel less overwhelmed at cleanup time.

2.) Give everything a home. Designate spots for each toy your child plays with regularly. Books should have a special shelf, while stuffed animals have their own bin. Label the storage with words, or photos if your child isn’t old enough to read words.


3.) Make it easier to put things away than it is to get them out. Toys that are played with infrequently should be put away and out of site, not mixed in with the everyday toys. Try storing them in clear plastic bins atop high closet shelves, or in this case, even under the bed. Everyday toys should be in an accessible bin (for convenience getting out and putting away)

bedroom4.) Donate old toys on a regular basis. Most children are fortunate enough to have a surplus of toys, but at a young age their interests are ever-changing. Chances are that the toys they no longer play with are simply not fun for them anymore. If you store the less popular items away for a couple months or more and they aren’t missed, then it’s time to donate them to someone less fortunate.

Along with incorporating the tips above into your organization at home, take some time to sit your child down and educate them on the importance of organization. Try to put things into terms they can understand such as more time for play, or keeping their favorite toys in good condition. Getting their buy-in will increase your chances for success drastically. Set aside a few 15 minute increments throughout each day (for example, before breakfast, lunch and dinner) for them to stop play and clean up. This will encourage the habit of tidiness.

bedroomFor some unique and inventive storage ideas for your child’s room, check out this blog: attemptingaloha.com.

If you have any tips or tricks that have worked well in your household, let us know below in the comments!