How to Pack up your Kitchen Before your Move

Aug 21, 2012

how to pack up your kitchenThe kitchen is usually one of the last rooms you pack up before you move.  This is because moving in itself is expensive so eating out for the weeks before and during a move can be quite costly. So, how do you get your kitchen packed and cleaned before your move and still cook at the home? Keep the momentum rolling with these 5 simple steps on how to pack up your kitchen over two weeks!

Two Weeks Before Your Move:

1. China and Party supplies: Pack up your decorative dishes, china and party supplies. If you are thinking of hosting a large dinner party before your move, you’re crazy! Pack it up, so you don’t even consider it. Don’t forget to label these boxes “fragile”.

One Week Before Your Move:

2. Pots, pans and small appliances: Pick two items to cook with for the last two weeks before your move. I would recommend a large skillet and a crockpot. Between these items and the microwave, you can find plenty of recipe options to get you through the week.

3. Bar glasses, cooking utensils and cookbooks: Save a large slotted spoon and spatula but then pack up all other utensils and barware. If a glass of wine is needed before you move, … drink it in a plastic cup (you’ll live)! Don’t forget to buy disposable plates, bowls and cups.

Three Days Before Your Move:

4. Dishes, cup, silverware and spices: Pack up all your dishes, cups, mugs and silverware. At this point you start using your paper or plastic cups, and silverware.  As long as you don’t cook a steak, you won’t miss your silverware! Also, pack up all your sauces and spices. It’s okay to leave out your basics like salt and pepper.

One Day Before Your Move:

5. Food and Refrigerated items: Plan out your meals. Check out this blog post Travel Friendly Meals for ideas.  Only keep out what you need to make meals for the move.  Pack up all your pantry items that you won’t use. Go through the refrigerator and throw out any items that are expired or won’t make the trip. The day of the move you will pack up all the remaining refrigerated items in to a cooler.

The last night before your move, you can pack up the items you left out (cooking items,utensils, salt and pepper). If you have planned appropriately, you will have your meals ready for moving day and the move.

Here is a list of recommended to pack up your kitchen

When estimating your supplies it’s always better to overestimate. Buy your supplies from a vendor that has a buy back guarantee, so you come up short, then you can return any unused supplies.

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