Insider’s Scoop: Labor Day Moving, Storage, and Organization

HuffPost tells us how to maximize our kitchen space.

Labor Day weekend is the busiest moving weekend of the year. It encompasses the typical busy end of the month movers, college students moving in and last minute moves before school starts. This week  in moving, storage and organization news, we found some great tips for those of you getting prepared to move into or out of an apartment, anyone with limited space in the kitchen, or those of us struggling to get organized during this chaotic season!

Moving: Whether you are moving in or moving out of an apartment or rental property, you should make sure you take precautions to protect yourself by doing an inspection report. These tips will help you avoid potential penalties and renter’s liability fees. Check out the article here:

Storage: If you like to cook, or have a lot of kitchen gadgets, then this weeks post from HuffPost is for you. “How To Maximize Your Kitchen Space: Tips for Clearing Clutter, Organizing And More” gives readers some great tips to make kitchen storage easier and more efficient.  Read it here:

Heidi Klum’s Organization Expert Linda Rothschild shares her tips.

Organization: As a student, organization is one of the most important keys to success. We found some great tips in this 30 day organization series to keep your home organized throughout the school year. Read them all here:

Also notable, Heidi Klum’s organization expert, Linda Rothschild, shared  some insider tips on how to keep your closet organized and transition from summer to fall.

We all know that color coding and labeling is great for organization, but do you know why? An article published this week uncovers the psychology behind these two methods:

Hopefully some of these tips will help you get through this crazy weekend and allow you take advantage of the extra day off for some R & R. Did we miss any great tips from this week? Tell us!