Insider’s Scoop: Getting ready for Fall: Moving, Storage and Organization tips

moving storage and organization
Fall Postcard by Megan Bielich

It’s Saturday, and not only is week is coming to an end, but summer is too!  For this week’s insiders scoop I found some great articles about Moving, Storage and organization that will help you transition from summer into fall.


moving storage and organization
Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Moves to NYC

Before I get in to fall tips, I found some interesting moving news this week that I wanted to share.  We are always talking about people moving, but one article that caught my attention this week is the moving of Frank Lloyd Wright’s archetectural drawings.  I have always been an admirer of his work, having toured several of his homes and a few of his buildings.    His collection of drawings will be shipped from Wisconsin and Arizona to New York city and will be part of a display at MoMa.  While I’m not elated that his work is leaving AZ, I guess that gives me one more reason to get back to the big apple!

Whenever I think of moving to New York, I think of living in small spaces! This is the time of year that young adults are starting school and moving in with roommates, which often means moving in to a smaller place.  Whether you are moving to the big city or just to a smaller place, here are some helpful tips from Apartment Therapy on keeping your design style when downsizing your kitchen.  I love some of the space-saving pieces they share in this post, especially the collapsible cheese grater.

Storage and Organization: 

moving storage and organization
Artkive App for Artwork

The season’s are changing or the kids are back in school.  This naturally leads to a lot discussion about storage and organization. This week Cool Mom Picks shares Great organization solutions now that September is here!   One great storage tool she shares is an App that allows you to store your child’s artwork electronically, very cool!

Since the transition from summer to fall can be a challenging for both parents and kids, but it’s important that we all get back into our schedules.  Grace for Moms shares 5 steps to a more organized fall.  In this post you’ll find realistic tips to getting everyone back on a regular schedule.  With the new school schedule starting and the weather cooling down, the seasons of sports are beginning too! Don’t get stuck tripping on football pads, soccer cleats and hockey sticks, be prepared with an Organized Sports Station.  iHeartorganizing comes through again with some great tips!

I’ll be honest, living in sunny Arizona I forget fall is about to begin until I start seeing Halloween costumes at the store! That’s what prompted my topic choice for this week’s post.  After this research, I feel armed and ready to start my fall organization projects!  Up until now, my preparation has only consisted of pinning some Halloween and pumpkin recipes! What have you been doing to prepare for fall? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us!