Insider’s Scoop: Home Office Moving, Storage and Organization

This week in Moving, Storage and Organization I am going to share some tips and ideas for the home office. I am currently looking to redo my home office, so I’ve been  hunting for tips and ideas to create a new space that it organized and allows me to store (and hide) all my random items. In my house, the office is a “catch all” space for everything that doesn’t fit in the other rooms.  My goal is to convert the office  into a functional space that I can actually work out of!  Here are some of the tips I found this week that I wanted to share:

Home Office
Home Office photo via nkeppol on Flickr


If you work from home, run an online business or just rely on your home office regularly, packing up your home office is usually on the “dread” list for you move. Maybe your not moving your home, but you are making the move from working in a corporate office setting to a work from home position.  Before you make the transition make sure you are all set up at home so you can be productive in your new office setting.


When you are working from home or spending a lot of time your home office, a desk alone is often not enough storage. These options can provide you more storage and a great look!


Whether you are starting from scratch or just looking to update, you will find something in this list of 50 fabulous Pinterest ideas for your home office! I’ve repinned at least 10 of these ideas, so I hope your inspired by them too.  I also decided to revisit Jennifer’s post on Essential tips for organizing your home office.  This post was particularly helpful because I hadn’t even thought about going paperless with a digital filing system!

Let me know if any of these links were helpful, or if you find some other great home office tips, please share!