Five Signs You Need More Storage

Nov 13, 2012

More Storage

Does this look like your home? It might be time for some more storage. Photo: blakespot via Flickr cc.

If you’ve been strategically cramming your items into the same over-stuffed closet for years, it may be time to look into getting more storage. Renting a storage unit can be a great way to store your belongings if you have limited space (or simply a lot of stuff). In this post, we’ll share five signs you may need more storage.

1. Your closets are packed-full, but you aren’t ready to part with anything. Whether it’s because of a special sentimental connection, or hoarder-like tendencies, if you aren’t going to clear up some space, then you should consider getting some additional storage outside of the home. This way, you can hold onto all of your treasures and save your hall closet for linens! A great way to store clothes easily is with a portable clothes closet.

2. You have many large items that aren’t used daily. Things like extra furniture or exercise equipment can take up a lot of room, but maybe you aren’t ready to get rid of it because of the large investment you made.  Consider a self-storage unit for these rarely used items that have taken over your room (remember, your treadmill is not meant to double as a clothes hanger). You’ll feel so free with all of the additional living space you’ll gain.

more storage

This is definitely a sign that you need more storage. Photo via

3. You have a two-car garage, but your cars still stay outside. While it’s perfectly OK to use your garage as storage, you are missing out on the great benefits to your vehicle. Storing your vehicle in a garage can preserve the interior and exterior, as well as prevent theft. If your garage is full of boxes and items that you don’t need on a regular basis, you may consider looking into a small storage unit, or even a portable self-storage unit so you can put your stuff outside and your car in the garage!

4. You’ve renovated a bedroom into your very own self-storage facility. We’ve all seen it, that room where no man dares to go, the one that’s stacked to the ceiling with boxes and various plastic containers. There may be a bed, but it’s likely the resting place only for bags of linen or dusty books. You can reclaim your space with some outside storage. Imagine, you won’t have to shoo guests past that closed door when giving the grand tour of your home, and you can even get some enjoyment out of your livable square footage!

5. You can’t find what you need, but always find what you don’t. If you are always searching for something you need but are instead finding things you don’t need (and have perhaps even written off) then you might need to de-clutter. One of the biggest contributors to disorganization is simply having too much stuff. Streamline your space by packing up the items that are rarely used, and placing them in Self-storage. You’ll save so much time and frustration once you can find what you need!

If you can relate to three or more of these signs, then consider looking into a self-storage facility in your area.

How do you decide when it’s time for more storage? Tell us below in the comments section!

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