What Are You Thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Thanksgiving traditions are many. Whether you’re playing a family football game out back, or sitting down together to a hearty turkey dinner, spending time with loved ones and remembering all we have to be thankful for is what this holiday is all about.

Giving thanks is something we should do year round, but especially today. Here at Moving Insider, we eat, drink, and live moving information. So, in honor of our own tradition, we’d each like to share with you what we’re thankful for when moving.

thankfulToni: “I’ve always been a DIY mover and despite being small, I try to do as much as I can on my own! So, by the end of the move, my back and muscles are always thankful for the utility dolly and the truck ramp! I am always amazed when I see my friends make several trips to carry boxes to the truck, then load them one-by-one from the ground.  Take it from a pro, load them onto a dolly and roll them up the ramp!”

thankfulDavid: “I am thankful for the occasional big move. If you move far enough away, then you get to experience a new culture, new foods, and new places to go and see. Moving outside of your comfort zone (metaphorically or physically) helps to expand your horizons as a person, and lets you see the things that you are used to in a new light as well. That, and I am thankful for bubble wrap, which not only protects my belongings, but provides me stress relief as well.”


Wendy: “I am thankful for all of the moving supplies that empower regular people like me to complete a major move themselves. Without my favorite ‘moving props’ like the forearm forklift or hand truck, I may never have realized how easy it can be to do it yourself. I am also thankful for the generous people of the world who offer their time and energy to help their friends move for the modest payment of pizza.”


Jennifer: “I am thankful for leftover moving supplies, especially around this time of year. There are so many fun and creative things that you can do with them like using boxes to ship gifts to family and friends, using your leftover packing peanuts and bubble wrap to ensure you gifts arrive without damage, and use excess packing paper for gift wrap.

I’m also thankful that U-Haul boxes are designed to be used more than once. In the last three years, I’ve moved three times and I’ve used some of the same boxes for all three moves. They’ve really held up and saved me money on buying new boxes for each move.

But, most of all, I’m thankful for the exciting fresh-start feeling I get with each move. Each new home or new city is an opportunity to experience something new, meet new people and see new sights.”


Melissa: “I’m thankful for pizza delivery – who wants to cook or leave to get takeout on moving day?!  (and for teenagers who never say “Awww… pizza again?”)


Scott: “I’m thankful for U-Box containers and Moving Helpers, which allow me to move while doing little more than reaching into my wallet to grab my credit card.

What makes you thankful this time of year? Tell us below in the comments section.