DIY Bubble Wrap Games

To continue our tribute to moving’s funnest packing supply, this week we share simple DIY Bubble Wrap games!  I have to admit, writing this post has inspired me to host a bubble wrap party.  Perhaps a perfect theme for National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 30th? Popping bubble wrap is exciting enough,  so turning it in to a fun group activity or bubble wrap game is simple.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Bubble Wrap Games
Bubble wrap freeze dancing, check out the Dad in the back! Photo via

Bubble Wrap Freeze Dance:

This is a great way to kick off a party for both adults or children! Start by laying out sheets of large bubble wrap.  Turn on some “pop” inspiring music like “Who let the dogs out” and have guests jump up and down to pop as many bubbles as possible. When the music stops they are to freeze (You can even make them strike a pose pertaining to a theme such as “Be a pirate”).  You can choose to eliminate people that pop after the music stops or just keep popping until the pop stops!

bubble wrap games
Bubble Wrap Bingo! Photo via

Bubble Wrap Bingo:

I found this idea on Today’s Top Twenty blog .  Bubble wrap bingo is simple to make, you can either make a bingo sheet on the computer using numbers or clip art, or just add stickers to a blank sheet of paper.  This is also a great activity for a road trip, utilizing common sites along the way such as restaurants, cars, gas stations or trees.  There are several ways to play bubble wrap bingo, you can put the related tiles (numbers or objects) into a bowl and pick them out one by one, or have people pop their piece once they see or find object.  No matter how you play, it is sure to be a hit (or POP).  Just remember to shuffle the objects on the board around so no two people have the same board.

bubble wrap games
Bubble wrap sumo wrestling! Photo via Julia Aldridge

Bubble Wrap Sumo Wrestling:

There is no need to rent or buy an expensive Sumo wresting costumes for a party, just make them out of bubble wrap and tape. Bubble wrap is designed to protect your fragile items, so with enough layers it can protect you too! Just make sure you make a thick helmet and play on a soft surface!  Julia– a mother of 5, made these with her left over bubble wrap, and as you can see the kids are having a blast!

Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch:

bubble wrap games
Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch as a game or as a gift! Photo via Craftaphile

This bubble wrap game is super easy to make too! Just roll out sheets of bubble wrap and cut them into squares using a cardboard box as a guide.  Then write your numbers on the squares with a permanent marker.  If you want to turn this bubble wrap game into a gift, Kim- a lover of all things crafty, provides step by step instructions to make the game and package it in a fun way!

It is so simple to turn bubble wrap into a fun game or activity for all ages, just pick up a box of bubble wrap and you can host a popping fun party or store it for a rainy day activity! For more bubble wrap games and inspiration, visit our bubble wrap board on Pinterest.

Would you play any of these bubble wrap games? Which one looks the funnest to you?  Have you created any bubble wrap games you could share? Tell us in the comments! 

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