Creative Wrapping Ideas Using Moving Supplies

We are smack in the middle of the gift-giving season. No matter what you’re celebrating (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.), now is the time to give a festively wrapped gift. And, we have some great creative wrapping ideas to help you use up some of those old moving supplies.

creative wrapping ideas
Creative wrapping ideas using plastic wrap and bubble wrap.

Here are some of the items used:

(Most of these packing supplies can be purchased online at and shipped to your home.)

Tools needed:

creative wrapping ideas
DIY Wrapping Paper and Plastic Wrap Bow
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers, crayons and/or finger paint
  • Ribbons/bows

Use your excess blank packing paper to decorate your gifts. Get the kids involved and have them draw, paint, or use stamps and stickers. The grandparents will love the personalized touch!

The mover’s stretch plastic wrap is great for creating green bows and ribbon. You can even torture your gift recipient by wrapping the entire gift in mover’s wrap. Perfect for obnoxious brothers or annoying in-laws. (Kidding…kind of.) Mover’s plastic wrap also doubles as a pretty “tissue paper” for your gift bags.

creative wrapping ideas
Red and green boxes–perfect for under the tree and shipping.

What I love most about U-Haul’s “Enviro-Bubble” bubble wrap, is that it’s not only biodegradable, but it’s a festive green color. Both large and small bubble wrap are available. The large bubble wrap is excellent in baskets as imitation grass. The small bubble wrap can be wrapped around any odd-shaped object and tied at the end with a ribbon. The green bubble wrap is perfect for bottles of wine, as well as those gifts in the wonky plastic packaging like tools and toys.

This brings me to the most classic holiday packing supply; the red and green boxes and tape. These are not only great for putting under the tree, but they are also perfect for shipping gifts to distant friends and relatives.

Check out this video for some tutorials on how to make the items pictured above:

Have you used leftover moving supplies to wrap or decorate gifts? What other creative uses have you come up with for your leftover packing products? Let us know in the comments!