Bubble Wrap Holiday Crafts

Christmas Tree Bubble Wrap Holiday Crafts
A Christmas Tree made from bubble wrap by My Shabby Chateau

You probably have a lot of bubble wrap sitting around your home this time of year leftover from packages you have sent or received. Bubble wrap can be fun all by itself. Those pop pop poppings relieve stress and just feel good, but here are some great bubble wrap holiday crafts and ideas:

Bubble Wrap Ornament:  You can use bubble wrap to make yourself an ornament  to hang on your Christmas tree. FreeKidsCrafts.com shows you how you and your child and create a festive ornament with not much more than paint, a paper clip and some left over bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Christmas Tree:  You can do much more than just the ornaments though. Do you have a lot of extra bubble wrap sitting around begging for something crafty and creative to be done with it? This guide from My Shabby Chateau shows you how to create the entire Christmas tree. The regular clear bubble wraps give you a nice white wintery look, but if you want a green Christmas tree, then you are in luck because the Enviro-Bubble that you can buy from U-Haul comes in a lovely shade of green! Then you can decorate it with the ornaments you also made.

Bubble Wrap Holiday Crafts Snow Globe Card
A Snow Christmas Card from Zakka Life

Bubble Wrap Christmas Card:  The larger clear bubbles resemble that staple of Christmas time decorations, the snow globe. Over at Zakka Life, they put that resemblance to good use by making Christmas cards with bubble wrap snow globes on them. This might not be the best idea for those cards you want to send through the mail, but it is still great for those cards you hand deliver to your friends and loved ones!

Bubble Wrap Countdown Calendar:  Did you ever have one of those Advent calendars with chocolate as a kid? Popping bubbles is much lower calorie than chocolate, and nearly as fun. ehow.com Mom gives you these easy steps to turn your bubble wrap into a Christmas countdown calendar for your child to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas.

What do you like to do with bubble wrap? Have you created any fun bubble wrap holiday crafts? Let us know in the comments!

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