Celebrate the New Year with Bubble Wrap

It’s the last day of the year, so you’re probably getting ready for your big  NYE celebration with friends and family. To finish up our series of creative uses for bubble wrap, why not go out with a bang (or “pop” in this case)! Here are a couple ways to incorporate bubble wrap into your New Year’s celebrations:

1. Getting ready for the ball to drop

A New Year’s Eve celebration is not complete without a count down to midnight and some noise makers.

Bubble Wrap

  • The Countdown: A fun way to build the excitement to midnight is to give everyone a countdown card. This is basically a piece of cardbard with strip of 10 large bubbles.  During the last 10 seconds of the countdown, one bubble is popped at each second.
  • The Noise Maker and Celebration: Did I mention everyone is standing around a floor lined with bubble wrap? When the clock strikes midnight and the ball drops in Times Square, everyone cheers,  dances and hugs on top of the bubble wrap, sending pops into the air!

Bubble Wrap Calendar

2. Continuing the celebration

  • Bubble Wrap Calendar:  Bubble wrap enthusiasts can keep the popping party going all year round with a bubble wrap calendar.  You can buy one already made, like this one from Uncommon Goods.  Or, this type of calendar is also very simple to make on your own.  Create the calender by hand on a poster board. or create a template in Excel and have it printed at a local printing or office supply store; the large bubble wrap works better for this.  One advantage of making a DIY calendar is that you can highlight special dates such as anniversaries and birthdays.
Bubble Wrap Pin Board
Photo and Idea courtesy of Wendy B.
  • Bubble Wrap Pin Board: Bubble wrap is a great backdrop for organizing your  photos, contact lists, or “To Do” items in your office. It is also light so you won’t need to use any heavy nails or screws to keep it up, just some push pins!
So weather you’re popping into the new year, or organizing your office space, bubble wrap can find it’s way into your life at celebrations and even every day! I hope you’ve enjoyed our bubble wrap series this month, and Happy New Year!!
Have you tried any of DIY Bubble Wrap ideas? Do you have any other DIY Bubble wrap uses? Tell us in the comments below! 

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