What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s that special time of year again where we can anxiously await the calm after the holidays, and the start of a fresh new year. The new year is a wonderful time to make resolutions and turn over a new leaf in your life.

resolutionsWhat does 2013 hold for the moving insiders? Below, we each answer the question, “what’s your new years resolution?

new year's resolution

“2013 is going to be a big year at my house, as we are knocking down walls and ripping out floors throughout the entire house. So, my main resolution for this year is to clean out the clutter and to take my household organization to the next level. This is also a great opportunity for us to assess our current storage space and create spaces that fit our future storage needs.  I will make sure to share my lessons learned with you all throughout the year.  Best of luck to all of you with your resolutions this year, let us know how we can help!”

new year's resolution

“I do not plan on moving anywhere this upcoming year, although I will most likely end up helping friends to move, which seems to be a regular occurrence (I am too nice, I guess). My wife has an organization New Year resolution for me, organizing the garage… again. You can see the article I wrote after I organized my garage last year here. I have also resolved to paint our house this Spring. If you have any good color ideas for a hacienda-style home with a Mexican tile roof, let me know in the comments.”

new year's resolution

“My resolution is to put up a storage shed in the backyard in 2013. This way, we no longer have to worry about hitting a box of Christmas decorations or a bike when we open the car door in the garage.”

new year's resolution

“This year, I want to get organized. Not just on the bookshelves and counters that the whole world can see, but also in the closets and cabinets where the chaos tends to hide. I want to kick off this year in an orderly fashion! After a few weekends of sorting, of course.”


“This year I am committing to the resolution of creating an organized workshop area in my garage. The goal is to blueprint a design that is both visual pleasing and highly functional.”

If you need some help making a resolution for the new year, these tips from TIME will help you in the process.

What’s your resolution for 2013? Tell us below in the comment’s section. And, cheers to the New Year