Remodeling Made Easier

Sep 16, 2014

Remodeling with Portable StorageAs a moving product expert, I get to help people choose the right products and services, often when they don’t even know they exist! I was recently invited to appear on Lifetime network’s show, “Designing Spaces,” as they were helping a couple extensively remodel a few rooms in their home before their daughters returned from college for winter break. The challenge here was multifaceted, as any moving or storage situation often is. It took using U-Box portable storage and some hands-on assistance from Moving Help to get this remodeling job done!

 Convenient, Versatile Storage

To avoid the potential hazard of any personal items getting damaged during the remodel process while keeping the rest of the home clutter-free and livable, Melanie wanted to store her valuable items outside the home. Often times, this means making multiple trips to a storage facility, dealing with limited access hours, battling for a space close to the building, and of course, the dreaded cargo elevator. U-Box offers a huge advantage here through its’ versatile nature – we brought along one U-Box container on a trailer, making loading as easy as walking out the front door. With all of her smaller items securely boxed and loaded, we moved on to the big stuff and realized we needed a little more… of everything.

Help Moving Your Belongings (and More)

After a full morning of packing and loading boxes, Melanie was in no way prepared to move furniture. That’s when Moving Help came to the rescue!

  • Moving Helpers are local men and women who can assist you with loading, unloading, even packing and cleaning, during your move!
  • The service is based on an online marketplace that U-Haul hosts, allowing customers to make a selection based on other users’ reviews, pricing, and services offered.

The two guys that showed up were great – they took tremendous care protecting all of Melanie’s furniture by wrapping everything with blankets and shrink wrap as well as properly loading the U-Box containers to ensure nothing would shift during transit to one of their secure warehouses. Their professionalism was evident, as we were soon finished, and I called again to have the U-Box containers picked-up and stored. This allowed Melanie and her husband use of their garage again, and freed-up space for their contractors to come in and park in the driveway. The opportunity to tell folks about great products and services like U-Box and Moving Help is a very rewarding part of what I do, and hopefully you now know that moving and storage no longer means simply renting a truck or trailer or searching for a safe storage facility in your town.

You can view the “Designing Spaces” segment below:

If you have any questions or stories of your own about how these new services can make your life easier, please drop a line in the comments below!


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