Study Abroad Packing Tips — You’ll Be Thankful You Read

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If you have recently been accepted into a study abroad program, congratulations! You’re about to embark on a wonderful adventure that promises to deliver a stockpile of special memories. Of course, before you can leave, you’re going to have to pack a few things.

Determining what to bring and how to pack for your international voyage may feel a bit overwhelming. But, with careful planning and organization, you will be ready to go without a worry in sight.  So just take a deep breath and relax while you make your way through the packing tips below.

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Blueprint the categories and requirements. Your first job is to create an outline of the different packing categories you will need to address. These might include paperwork/important documents, clothing, toiletries, technology, miscellaneous and country-specific items such as currency and electrical converters. Next, list the requirements for each of these categories. For example, the clothing requirement will be based on the weather and possible activities. Once you have detailed the basic requirements for each category, you should then be able to easily populate these categories with actual items.

Pack like a monk. In other words, pack light. Packing light is a golden rule that has been preached by countless others who have gone abroad to study. Simply put, traveling light equals greater freedom during your trip. Although easier said than done, focusing on the necessities will help you reduce the weight and size of your luggage.  Ultimately, once you arrive, you’ll be thankful you’re not lugging around more than you can handle, allowing you to worry less about your stuff and enjoy more of your new environment.

If you can buy it there, please do. Typically, within a close proximity of your new international location will be plenty of opportunities for you to purchase additional study materials or other miscellaneous items you need. It is far better to arrive and purchase only what you actually need, versus taking a collection of the little things.

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Don’t smash stuff into your luggage. Use a vacuum. If your luggage is overflowing or if you are ambitious and would like to bring just one suitcase and a travel backpack, your best bet is suck out some extra O2. How? Use a space saver bag for your clothes and reduce the space consumed by up to three times.

Be smart and use a storage and shipping service for items in your dorm room. Moving out of your dorm room or campus housing can be a lot of work. However, this isn’t the only way. If you want the ultimate convenience of having your stuff picked up, safely stored and then delivered upon your return to campus, you might want to consider this option. A quick search on the web for study abroad student storage and shipping should lead you to Collegeboxes, which is the largest provider of university storage and shipping in America.

With the proper planning, review, modification and final assessment, your luggage will undoubtedly be neatly packed with all of the study abroad essentials. Best of luck and have a safe trip. Bon voyage!

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

What are your challenges when it comes to packing for studying abroad? Do you have any packing tips that helped you during your travels? Let us know below in the comment’s section.

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