Resolutions Made Easier: Get Out There

get out thereThe new year is in full swing by now, and hopefully you are making some great progress on each of your resolutions. For some people, getting out there can mean making new friends and expanding your circle. For others, it can mean taking the next big step in life. This week, we’ve gathered some of our posts from the past that can help you achieve your goals if your new year’s resolution is to get out there more.

Get Out There:

How to Meet People in Your New City: Meeting new people can be a struggle, especially in a new city. This article offers six interesting places to meet new people, and tips for solidifying new relationships. . .  Read Article

How to Move Out on Your Own: Moving out on your own from a parent’s home or with roommates is a huge steps towards independence. From renting a trailer, to finding furniture deals, this article has every base covered. . . Read Article.

What to Consider When Finding a Roommate: When it comes to finding a new roommate, there are some important traits that can signal whether or not someone is responsible. These tips will help you get out there and find the right roommate match for you. . . Read Article

get out there
2013 is the year for new friends! Photo: andreyutzu via stock.xchng

Planning Your Housewarming Party: Entertaining is a great way to meet new people, and moving into a new home is the perfect excuse. Follow the six steps in this article and you will have a great party to remember for years. . . Read Article.

We hope you find these articles interesting and helpful to conquer your resolutions. If you are feeling ambitious, then check out the other posts in our ‘resolutions made easier‘ series here.

What are your resolutions that involve getting out there? Let us know below in the comment’s section!