How to Pack: The Bedroom

How to pack the bedroomMoving soon? Our “How to Pack” series will help you best pack up each of the different rooms in your home. Today we are addressing the bedroom. You may spend a majority of your life in your bedroom, but that does not mean that you will need to spend a majority of your time packing your bedroom. Follow these tips and your bedroom will be packed in no time.

The Bed – If at all possible you will want to disassemble your bed frame. You can pack and move your bed much more efficiently in small sections than you can as a large piece of furniture. Once you have your bed and bed frame broken down it may be one of the first things you pack in the truck because of its size. If you are loading your truck over two days it may be one of the last things you load since you will probably want to sleep on it. If that is the case, be sure to save enough room for it. If your bed and frame are easily scratched you will want to cover it with both a furniture pad and or stretch plastic wrap. To keep your mattress from getting dirty during the moving process you may want to cover it with a mattress bag.

How to Pack Pillows and BlanketsPillows and Blankets – If you don’t mind your blankets or comforters getting dirty or possibly ripped, then you can always use them to help protect your other items, but U-Haul also has furniture pads that are cheap and designed for the task. To pack your blankets or comforters, you can use large boxes since they are relatively light and large. They can also be placed in boxes with other items to lend those items more padding. Your pillows can be placed in the empty spaces in your truck, or, like the blankets, they can be placed in large boxes since they are relatively light.

how to pack lampLamps – Do you have bedside lamps? First, if there is a lamp shade, then you will want to remove it. To pack the base of the lamp you will want to wrap it in bubble wrap for protection, then place it in the box size that it will fit in. You can pack one of your pillows or blankets in the same box, since they will be going to the same room in your new home.

The Rest – We will have a post devoted entirely to how to pack the closet where we will discuss how to best pack your clothes and accessories. If you are like me, your night stand is cluttered with change, books and other small items. These can all go into a small box. If you have mirrors or art on your walls you will want to make sure they are very protected so that the glass does not break. There are specific mirror boxes designed to keep them safe. Remember, a broken mirror is bad luck!

The bedroom is a relatively easy room to pack, and hopefully this article makes it even easier for you. Over the coming weeks we will have a “How to Pack” post for you on the different rooms in your home every Wednesday, so come back next week and check it out.

Do you have any tips that made packing up your bedroom easier the last time you moved? Please share them in the comments below!

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