3 Solutions to Organize Pots and Pans

If you’re moving into a new home, or just taking on some heavy duty spring cleaning, you’ll eventually make your way to the cabinet with your pots and pans, and wonder how best to organize them. In this post, we will give you three easy ideas for storing your pots and pans for easy access anytime.

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Protect the insides of expensive pans with foam liners

Lid organizer: The real nuisance when it comes to organizing pots and pans are the lids. They make it impossible to stack the pots and pans, and are usually made of glass which makes them fragile. The best solution I’ve found to maximize space is to store the lids separately. Stack your pots and pans on top of each other by putting the smaller ones inside the bigger ones, and then purchase a lid stand to keep them upright and together. Stack them largest to smallest so you can see them all easily. Protect the inside of your Teflon pans by lining them with cushion foam or specially made Teflon liner.

DIY pot rack: If you have a little time and a creative flair, you can make your own pot rack. This not only looks great, but also provides what I consider to be the easiest access for all of your pots and pans. You can see them all and choose which one you want to use, without having to remove the other pots or pans that are stacked on top.

organize potsCreate extra shelf space: It’s very convenient to store pots and pans with the lids on them, but this takes up a lot of space. The good news is that you can create extra shelving space in your kitchen. Add shelves under in your cabinet like the image on the left and keep pots on top with lids below. Or, for a more industrial look, consider keeping them in plain site by adding a tiered metal shelf or rolling shelf.

Do you have any special tips for organizing pots and pans? Which one of these systems to organize pots and pans would you like to use? Let us know in the comments!

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