What Types of Boxes Should You Use for Your Move?

U-Haul Moving Boxes
Selecting the right box could make all the difference in your next move.

Moving can be a stressful process — but do you know what could be even more stressful? How about unpacking the first box in your new home only to find out that some of your items were damaged in the move.

Take a Box, Leave a Box.

The easiest way to avoid this disappointing situation is to make sure that you pack properly. And the first step in packing properly is selecting the right box for the job.

In this post, I’ll go over some different types of specialty boxes available for your next move. Also, don’t forget about U-Haul’s Take a Box, Leave a Box program. It’s a great way to get some boxes for yourself or leave some for the next DIY mover and pay it forward. U-Haul will also buy back 100% of unused boxes with a receipt.

Glassware: Easily one of the most fragile items to be apart of the move,  glassware requires extra special care. The glass pack kit does an excellent job of keeping your antique china in one piece, instead of pieces.  The kit comes with 18 reusable foam pouches and a seven-piece divider set that creates up to 18  separate compartments for your glasses and figurines.

Flatware/Dishes: I know for a fact that as a little kid if my favorite plate was broken in a move I would not have been a happy camper. A great way to protect your dishware is with old newspaper and a dish barrel box. Using old newspaper to individually wrap each item is not only a great way to recycle, but it also keeps breakables safe.

Travel/Luggage Box

Clothes: For transporting clothes you have two unique options outside of a standard box — wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang clothes directly in the box, or a travel/luggage box. The luggage box is great because it’s designed to be used multiple times and you can even fly with it. The box is specifically designed to fit as a carry on and rigid enough to be checked if needed.

Flat Screen TV: What are the chances that you still have the original box your TV came in? A man cave without the flat screen (or a broken TV for that matter) is like a cake without the icing, it just isn’t complete. The Flat Screen TV Moving Kit is a custom solution with built-in flaps, foam blocks and a full size plastic bag to make sure the TV makes it to the new home safe and sound. To get a better idea you can watch the video of the box in action.

A great way to protect your investment during a move.

Wall Mirror/Large Picture: Another very fragile item, large mirrors and hanging pictures won’t fit most boxes. A specifically designed large mirror box will keep the frame nice and snug, not allowing anything to get between the rigid cardboard wall and the glass. Pair this box with a picture packer kit that includes 4 sturdy cardboard corners for extra protection.

CelebrationYou did it! Hopefully, by now you have everything that could break wrapped up and packed securely. There is one last thing left to do — bring a bottle of wine or champagne to relax and unwind with in your new home. The wine shipping kit is designed specifically with bottles in mind, with a custom cut foam insert to keep your bottles safe.

Do you have experiences with any of these boxes? Is there a “MacGyver” of boxes that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.