Going Home for Summer Break: What to Do with Your Stuff

Going Home for Summer Break
Going home for summer break is a time of mixed emotions. You have one more round of finals behind you (whew!), but now you’ve got to arrange to store or ship your belongings from your dorm while you go home for the summer. The good news? There’s no need to stress. In this post, we’ll give you a break down of the easiest options for your stuff while you go home.

Option #1: Rent a Moving Truck or Trailer

If you have no objection to loading and then unloading all of your stuff two times, then you can rent a moving truck. Start at the dorm, load your stuff, and then unpack it once you’re home. Bask, relax, and then repeat that process come fall. To make this process easier, you can hire local moving helpers who will load and unload for you. With this option, you must have ample space to store your things at the place you are staying for the summer, or rent a storage unit in advance.

Insider Tip: If you’re going back home for the summer and your family wants to help, consider renting the truck or trailer in their city, driving it to your college to pack your stuff, and then returning it to your family’s city where you picked it up. This method can save you money during the busy times of college let-out. Also keep in mind that you don’t pay by the mile for a rental trailer, which is one more to save money.

Option #2: Rent a Storage Container

This is a great option for those who don’t have much room for storage when you get to your family’s home for your summer stay, or those who aren’t comfortable driving a moving truck (perhaps cross-country). Moving containers can be delivered to your college, where you pack them, and once you are done, they are picked up by the company and transported either back home or wherever you’d like to unload your goods. A third option is that you can choose to store the entire portable storage box until your ready to go back to school.

Option #3: College Boxes

This program was created specifically for the storage issues that college students face. The Collegeboxes process goes like this:

  1. Special boxes are shipped to your dorm
  2. You pack the boxes with your stuff
  3. The nice folks at Collegeboxes come pick up all those boxes
  4. They store them for you while you’re home
  5. They deliver the boxes back to the dorm when you return.

Hopefully this post gives you some new ideas for storing your things while you are away for the summer. If you are a college student, check back for other upcoming posts related to moving to and from college, including the best game plan for some of the most popular colleges in North America!

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Which one of these seems the easiest for you? Have you tried anything else in the past for your college storage needs? Let us know below in the comment’s section.