3 Options to Organize and Store Photos

store photos
Old photos like these can make beautiful wall art. Photo: slightly everything via Flickr cc.

Photos often hold great sentimental value. Even though you may not have enough table space to display all of the pictures you love, you still want to hold onto them for decades, maybe even your whole life! What is the best way to store photos? In this post we will share the best ways to store photos when you have the physical copy (as opposed to a digital copy). There are several options for storing digital photos, on your computer or other digital memory device, but we will focus on storing the actual photo in this post.

First, you should get organized. Any long-term storage method works best with organization. So, begin by going through your photos and breaking them into smaller groups. Some common ways to do this are by time or by subject matter. For example, you may have a group of photos of your family’s summer camping trips in one group, or a group for each of your children by their ages (5-10 years, 11-18 years, etc.).

Once you’ve organized, it’s time to come up with a system. There are several ways you can go about devising a system:

Option 1: Use a box with dividers

Find a storage box that is the appropriate size for your photos. Decide what your largest photo is, and choose a box with a width and height slightly larger than those dimensions. Clear storage containers are great because they allow for easier viewing, but only use clear containers if they will be kept inside a dark closet or storage unit. If they are going to be stored in direct sunlight, use an opaque storage box to protect them from the light. You can make dividers yourself by cutting them out of construction or card stock paper. Store the photos vertically like you would in a file cabinet, with the dividers separating the categories.

Option 2: Use a Photo book

This option can be as detailed or simple  as you would like. To keep it simple, purchase several photo books and place the photos in the sleeves. Label each book based on the category of photos that are inside for easier reference later. Another option is to have fun with it and personalize the photos. You can create a scrapbook of the photos and get your kids or spouse involved in the process. This can be a great way to educate children about your family history or simply relive past vacations and events. This also makes it fun to go back and look at them later! If you are going to be storing the scrap books in a storage unit, be sure to protect them from dust and damage using a book box.

Option 3: Create a Photo display wall

You may not have enough space for the smaller photos on the table, but you can always create a photo display wall (start from step 3 if you already have a collection of photos). This allows you to display many more photos than you would on tables and shelves, and makes for wall art with meaning.

What are your favorite ways to store and organize photos? Let us know below in the comments section!