How To Use a Paint Sprayer to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

paint sprayerPainting your home’s exterior is a great way to easily give your home a new look. Using a paint sprayer can be one of the quickest ways to paint the exterior of your home. It take more setup and is a little more complicated than using a traditional roller or brush, but the time savings can be immense. Here are some steps to help make sure that painting your exterior with a paint sprayer goes smoothly.

The Sprayer – If you plan on painting a lot, a paint sprayer can be a good investment. Prices start at under $100 and go up to over $1000. The particular model I used was the Magnum X5, and was purchased for under $300. If you will just be doing one project, you may be able to rent a paint sprayer from a local paint store, hardware store or equipment renter.

paint sprayerPreparations – Preparing is one of the most important parts of painting. You want to make sure that your walls are as clean as possible so that the paint can adhere well. Using a power washer would be best, but you can also use a garden hose and a paint scraper to remove any excess dirt, debris and flaking paint. You also want to make sure that you paint only what you want painted. You will want to tape off any edges, windows or fixtures. You can also cover your windows with the painter’s plastic. Paint sprayers tend to put a lot of paint into the air. That paint eventually settles on the ground, so if you will not be painting the ground as well, be sure to cover it with plastic, a drop cloth, or even recycled cardboard boxes.

Paint Sprayer Setup – Follow the instructions that your specific paint sprayer came with. From personal experience, I can tell you that it is also best to do the setup over a drop cloth because you do not want to have to clean up spilled paint.

paint sprayerProtective Gear – It is very important to to wear protective gear. Use clothes or a coverall that you do not mind getting paint on. Wear protective glasses so that paint will not get in your eyes. A face mask or respirator should also be worn to stop you from breathing in the aerated paint.

Painting – Once you have finished all of the above steps, the actual painting is easy. If you have a less visible area, then you may want to start there to get used to the paint sprayer. You will want to start with the corners and edging first. If you are spraying the top or side of a wall, use a painter’s shield to stop over-spray. Once the edges are done you will fill in the rest of the wall. Use smooth and even side to side strokes. The paint sprayer should be about one foot from the wall, but you may need to be slightly closer or farther away depending on the pressure of your paint sprayer. Always be sure your strokes are overlapping so that you do not end up missing a spot. The paint should dry before applying additional coats.

Maintenance and Cleanup – Once you are done, maintaining a paint sprayer is extremely important. If you let paint dry within the paint sprayer it will be extremely difficult to get it cleaned the next time you want to use it. You also do not want to leave water in your pump as it can freeze or corrode. Most manufacturers recommend using some form of pump protector such as this one by Graco. Also be sure to clean the nozzle of the paint sprayer well so that it continues to spray evenly. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for how to clean and store your sprayer.

You don’t have to be a professional to paint your house using a paint sprayer. By following these steps, just about anyone can paint the exterior of their home using a paint sprayer.

Do you plan on repainting your home in the near future? Have you ever used a paint sprayer before? Let us know in the comments.