Tips for Moving to Hawaii

Moving to HawaiiIf you are moving to Hawaii you may be trying to figure out how you are going to get all your belongings there.  For most moves, you can just pack up your moving truck and drive to your destination.  Making the move to Hawaii it is a little more involved than that, but there are still plenty of reasonable options. Here are the two best options for your move to paradise.

Portable Storage Units

Portable moving and storage containers, such as U-Haul’s U-Box containers are the perfect way to transport your belongings without worry. The way portable storage works is the container is dropped off at your home (or you can pick it up at your local U-Haul), and then you load the unit at your home. Once you are done loading the container is shipped to your moving destination in Hawaii.  According to U-Haul, their average shipping to Hawaii takes 10-14 days.  One advantage of the portable storage containers over a moving rental truck is you pay by the month, so you can take as much time as you need to load up your storage unit.

*Tip: Moving containers made of pressure treated plywood provide your belongings with a more stable and chemical free environment. This is especially important for those of you with wood furniture, as plywood containers breathe much better than steel containers reducing the chance for mold and mildew.

Moving Trucks and Trailers

Since moving trucks do not float, you obviously can’t drive it 2000 miles over the ocean, but you can still rent a moving truck or trailer to move to Hawaii.  This is a little more complicated than the portable storage, but it can definitely be done.  A few things to consider with this option is that you will need to get the moving equipment to a main shipping port location such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Portland and then arrange for the moving equipment to be shipped to the island.  The Shipping time for this option is approximately 3 weeks depending on the space availability on the barge.  Shipping moving trucks loaded with personal items can be tricky, because not all shipping companies will do this.  Also, the trucks have to be clean – no dirt and no plants can be moved to Hawaii.

*Tip:  The cost of shipping to Hawaii  is based on the space occupied on the barge, not the weight.  So, pack efficiently to optimize the space available in your moving equipment.

Moving to HawaiiWhether you choose  portable storage or to ship moving equipment for your move to Hawaii, you are going to need to take a little more time to plan your move, and assess which belongings you are going to take with you.   This is particularly important when moving to Hawaii because the shipping costs are going the most expensive part of your move. You are about to move to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, so clean out your clutter and pack up your snorkeling gear!

Are you planning a move to Hawaii? Do you have any tips to share to help others as they plan their move to Hawaii? Tell us in the comments below!