5 Tips to Prepare for Your Move

prepare for your movePlanning your move is often more work than the move itself. Just when you think you’ve figured out all the steps to prepare for your move, you realize that there are little steps within those steps. Then, you tackle the little steps only to realize there are even smaller steps within those little steps.  To keep your tasks from piling up and to avoid  pre-move frustration, we’ve come up with five essential tips for your planning process.

1. Create a Timeline

Pull out your calendar and start filling in those boxes. Everyone does things at their own pace, but a little organization is always helpful. Give yourself due dates, for example,  ‘by next Friday, the bathroom will be packed’ or  ‘two Wednesdays from today, the moving truck rentals will have been scheduled ‘. Start with the bigger steps, and it will help you do the little steps.

2. Make Lists

Making lists for even the simplest of things will help you remember the most complicated things. Write down everything.Whether it’s ‘Call the post office to change home address’ or ‘Pick up bubble wrap for the fine china’- write it down. For the tech-savvy, try the Asana app. It allows users to set due dates, assign tasks and create checklists. It also sends reminders and allows has an option to share tasks.

prepare for your move

3. Stick Post-it Notes Everywhere.

What’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Sticky notes. The power of these little pieces of sticky paper is significant. Don’t believe me? Stick a ‘Go to the gym’ note on the handle of your fridge and see how many times you second-guess grabbing that leftover birthday cake. During your move, something as simple as ‘call the moving helpers’ or ‘set yard sale date’ stuck to your laptop screen will increase your chances of getting things done.

 4. Always Confirm.

A million things can go wrong on moving day. Minimize the chances of disaster by confirming everything. Call and reserve your moving truck rental as soon as you have your date. Remind your friends a couple of days before the move if they’re helping you move. Make sure the donation charity comes by to pick up your stuff after your yard sale. Most scheduling conflicts can be avoided if you confirm your reservations.

5. Plan for the Worst

If you plan for the worst, everything short of that will please you. And if it doesn’t please you, it won’t be as disappointing. Accidents happen, mistakes are inevitable, and the only way to get through all of that during your move, is to realize and accept these facts. If they happen, suck it up and improvise. You can make as many lists as want, and schedule dates months in advance but this doesn’t guarantee that your move will go perfectly. The best you can do is prepare for the worst so that you’re ready for it.

Hopefully these tips are easing your moving day anxiety. Remember, the stress of moving can be minimized; just keep calm and remember that whatever situation you find yourself in, you will overcome it.

What helps you plan your move? Do have a specific way of setting up your timeline or creating a checklist? We’d love to hear your ideas!