Alternatives to DIY Winter Moving in Alaska

alaska winter movingIf you live in Alaska, or have ever been in Alaska during the winter months, you already know that it can be nearly impossible to drive on some of the icy Alaskan roads. In the winter, Alaska temperatures drop to well below freezing with heavy snow. If your lease is up anytime between the months of October and March, you may want to look at alternate methods to move within the Last Frontier state.

Driving on the Alaskan roads during the winter is not fun; ask anyone who has tried it. The History Channel actually created a show called “Ice Road Truckers” based around driving (in Alaska) on icy roads during the winter; it ran for six seasons! The show featured Dalton Highway (Alaska Route 11) which is the only road that stretches 500 miles between the southern oil rigs and Fairbanks. This show brought attention to these conditions and the dangers they pose to drivers, even those that are very experienced.

Instead of braving the icy Alaskan roads and potentially risking your life, consider having a plan B, like a portable storage shipping service. The process of moving with a portable storage container is simple; you reserve your container, schedule a delivery to your front door, load your belongings, and then schedule a time for the box to be picked up from your old home and delivered to your new home. Many companies will handle the shipping process for you and you won’t have to make separate arrangements.

It’s important to note that Alaska does have a local Traffic System setup (dial 511 for road conditions). Although this does not eliminate the dangers of driving on the winter roads (it is still much safer to ship your belongings rather than trying to do it yourself), it will help you plan if you insist on doing it yourself.

According to, dial 511 in Alaska and you will hear Welcome to 511 Travel in the Know. To request information on a specific highway, press 1 or say ‘highway‘. To request a local summary, press 2 or say ‘local’. For the menu options press 0 or say ‘menu'”. 511 is a good resource when traveling in Alaska because it will help you avoid moving in dangerous conditions.

At the end of the day, all you want is for you and your belongings to arrive safely at your new home. If you do decide to rent a moving truck and DIY, planning ahead around the adverse winter weather is your best bet. As for my suggestion, reserve a U-Box container and take the hassle out of moving in Alaska.

Have you had to make a winter move in Alaska before? What tips do you have that others should know? Let us know below in the comments section!