Fun Bubble Wrap Games

Now that all is unpacked and your new place is beginning to look like home, your only question is what to do with the several pieces of Enviro-Bubble® that are left over. At Moving Insider, we want to share fun and helpful tips that will help you recycle reuse and reduce you impact on the environment on moving day. In this post, we’ll share four fun bubble wrap games that the whole family can enjoy!

Bubble wrap games with paint
Fun kid’s game from

Create art with your bubble wrap

Follow these 3 easy steps, courtesy of Vicky from Mess for Less,  to create fun and unique art with bubble wrap:
1. By using a mini rolling pin, attach a small piece of bubble wrap around the rolling pin with tape for security.
2. Dip the wrapped rolling pin in a tray of paint.
3. Roll across a sheet of paper and instant master piece!
Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to turn your home into an instant art gallery.

365 days of *Pop* 

If you have a pretty good amount of bubble wrap left on your roll, this can be a great way to make a homemade calendar. As each day passes, mark off the day by simply popping. If there is not enough “pop” to go around for the entire calendar year, use for a special occasion countdown like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Have fun with it!

bubble wrap games
365 days of Bubble Pop
Bubble Twister Game courtesy of

Bubble Wrap Twister Game 

While summer is still in full swing and right before school returns, try out this bubble wrap twister game. Roll out a sheet of bubble wrap, if the pieces are too small, you can tape pieces together to form a giant square. Tape the edges together so they all stay in place. Use a round piece of paper, a paper plate or some other round object to create the circles on the bubble wrap just like the real Twister game or, you can use DecoArt Team Spirit Writers to color in the circles right on the bubble wrap. If you have the Twister blocks already, those will work just fine, or create your own. Roll the block and begin the fun!

Bubble Wrap Freeze Dance

Playing the bubble wrap freeze dance is a great game for parties. Lay a piece of bubble wrap on the floor, turn on the music and begin to pop as many bubbles as you can before the music stops.

These are just a few cool, fun and creative ways to use the remains of your bubble wrap. Check out some DIY uses of bubble wrap here.

Which bubble wrap game do you like best? How have you used the left over pieces of bubble wrap? Share your thoughts and ideas by posting in the comment section below.