Tips for Moving in Chicago

If you will soon be moving in Chicago, then you should take some time to learn about a few of the unique aspects of navigating in this urban locale. Unlike other smaller cities, moving in Chicago requires some additional planning to ensure a smooth move. Below are several things to consider when you are planning your move within the city of Chicago.

Moving in Chicago

Reserve an Elevator: This is one of the first things you should consider when moving in Chicago. Most residential buildings in Chicago have restricted access to service elevators and will only allow you to use them during specified or pre-scheduled times. If you are moving in to and out of buildings with elevators, then this will take some coordination. The best plan of action is to have everything packed and ready to go prior to picking up your moving truck. Make your reservation some time just before your scheduled elevator time in the old building. When you arrive with the truck, you can quickly load your belongings and head to your new place. It is best to schedule the elevator time at your destination a 2-3 hours after picking up the truck so that you have plenty of time for loading and traveling.

Chicago trafficCheck Traffic and Allow for Delays: Just like in most major metropolitan areas, the traffic in Chicago can be unpredictable. Rush hour is the prime time to avoid, and can last from about 6-9 AM and 4-7 PM. Plan your move between these windows, or at the very least around them. The last things you want on moving day are to get stuck in traffic, miss your elevator time, and/or return your moving truck late. In addition to avoiding rush hour, you should check current traffic conditions online and have a plan B (and even C) in order to adjust your route accordingly if needed.

Plan your Parking: Parking in the city is scarce. Call your new building management office ahead of time to find out where the designated parking is, and if there are any specific parking restrictions. Many urban dwellers may opt to rent a cargo van or small truck in order to park more easily, but of course- this will depend on the size household you are moving. If you are planning to move with a moving container , ensure that you have gathered all required permits in advance for the duration that the box will be parked.

Moving in Chicago

Then, There’s Construction: If you live in Chicago, then you likely already know that there are two seasons in the city: construction, and not construction. This means that your move may go off without a hitch, but a more likely scenario is that you will run into some sort of restriction or detour due to construction. For detailed information on construction activity around the city, visit the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Road Condition Report.

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Have you made a move with in the city of Chicago? What were some of the unique things you noticed about moving in the city? Share your tips for moving in Chicago below in the comments section.