Top 5 Cities for Jobs

Jun 10, 2023

With the job market slowly but surely improving, here’s a shortlist of the top 5 cities for jobs. These cities were chosen based on their level of unemployment, their median income relative to cost of living, their total advertised jobs, and the budding industries which are expanding the job market in these cities. For those planning on moving this summer, it’s a good idea to take these cities into account. They may give you the best option at finding work.

1. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is located in Florida and ranks 14th as the largest city in the USA. According to the MoneyGeek’s analysis of the largest cities in the US, Jackson places first for impressive job and wage growth, low job competition and affordable housing prices. The median income is $74,873 and the median monthly homeowner cost is $1,137 to $1,981 per month, which equates to a lower living cost for a major city.

The unemployment rate is well under the national average at 2.5%. Jacksonville is growing in the following industries: advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, financial services, IT and innovation, and health and biomedical. Top employers hiring in this city include Bank of America, MAyo Clinic, and Amazon. These factors make Jacksonville one of the top 5 cities for jobs in the US. Additional cities like Lakeland and Tampa, Florida made it on the list. Florida cities also made it on the U-Haul list of top growing cities.

2. Provo, Utah

Provo is a top 5 city because it offers a lot of job opportunities such as research assistants and customer service positions followed by higher education at schools like Franklin or Stanford University. The population rose by over 7% and the workforce grew by over 8% from 2019 to 2021. The average household income in Provo is $69,265 and the median monthly homeowner cost is $1,682. If you like outdoor recreations, this may be the spot for you!

3. Dallas, Texas

The Dallas metropolitan area posted 1.33% increase from 2022. Although some of its numbers aren’t as impressive as other cities listed, Dallas cannot be overlooked. It is home to many big corporations like AT&T and Southwest Airlines and caters to artists with its vibrant art and music scene. The unemployment rate sits at 3.8%. Everyday expenses such as healthcare, housing, and groceries cost less than the national average, making Dallas highly regarded.

4. Austin, Texas

Austin holds a lot of opportunity for those looking for work in the Southwest. This city has an unemployment rate of 3.3%, which is lower than the national average. From business and financial services, defense and security, information technology and telecommunications and manufacturing, you can take your pick in a variety of industries. The University of Texas in Austin employs over 116,000 faculty and staff which is another reason that Austin is a top 5 city for jobs. By 2023, the city population grew 2.3% and rising!

5. Boise City, ID

Boise City’s unemployment is at 2.8% and major industries include food processing, lumber/wood products, chemicals, paper, mining and tourism. Boise’s median income for workers is about $62,765 per year and monthly rent averaging around $1,363.


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