Fun Moving Projects


Confused with what you should do with your leftover moving supplies? Moving can be a stressful and heavy burden on any member of the family, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun (or relax) when it’s over! Here are some creative ways to shake the stress away and enjoy your new home while re-using your moving supplies.

Bubble Wrap Boulevard by You Had Me At Balloon on Vimeo.
Bubble Wrap Boulevard by You Had Me At Balloon on Vimeo.

We came across a cool video online that shows two individuals who placed a bubble wrap runway on a sidewalk and captured people’s reaction to the bubble wrap. Who wouldn’t want to pop the bubbles when there’s a sheet (or if you’re lucky, an entire roll) of bubble wrap sitting in front of  (and teasing) you. Their idea brought out the inner-child of many adults in the video, but who can blame them? Would you jump on it, or simply walk over it?

Here are our ideas for some fun moving projects!

This cat can't resist the urge. Image from Funny Picture.
This cat can’t resist the urge. Image from Funny Picture.

Bubble Wrap

  • Use a long strip of bubble wrap to create a makeshift hopscotch inside the house. You can create the outline using a permanent market.
  • Lay bubble wrap on every hallway and walk area of your new home and tape the ends down at night. Wait until the morning when your housemates wake up to a popping circus of fun!
  • Use bubble wrap to make a “Twister” inspired game of nonstop popping. Divide the bubble wrap into four columns and color code each column by painting as many large circles as you can.

Moving Boxes

  • A fort is a childhood favorite of many. Construct one in your home by using tape and either stacking moving boxes on top of another to create a structure, or by cutting apart the boxes and taping the ends together to create a tall fort.
  • Make a box tunnel that winds through your home and encourage your kids and pets to use it! By taping together the ends of boxes you can create a long snake-like structure that can wind through the hallways and end at your children’s rooms. Make sure to leave enough extra space for you to walk along your house as your kids may want to leave this tunnel in its place for quite some time.

Packing Peanuts

This cat went for a swim in packing peanuts! Image from College Humor.
This cat went for a swim in packing peanuts! Image from College Humor.
  • If you’re looking to go for a swim, fill your empty bathtub with packing peanuts and let the kids (and pets) play in it. To avoid the peanuts from spreading into every inch of your home, make sure to have a large recycling can next to the bathtub, as well as towels to help wipe them all down. A broom can come in handy to help collect all of  the extra pieces. 
  • Fill extra pillow cases with packing peanuts and host a pillow fight! With a few swings, the peanuts will start to come out of the case and a peanut party will ensue in the air. Make sure you pick a closed room to avoid the peanuts from spreading too far into your home.

Have you recycled your moving supplies into fun moving projects? Have you used packing peanuts, boxes or bubble wrap for fun? Let us know below in the comments section.