How to Get Out of Helping A Friend Move

Do you ever just want a weekend to yourself,  but a friend is moving? We are always told that “being a good friend means helping a friend move,” but what if this is the third or fourth friend to move in a month? Tired muscles and longing for the weekend may mean it is time to just say “sorry, I can’t.” Personally, I have a hard time telling people “no,” but there are ways to get out of helping someone move that will keep the friendship intact.

Take a Day Trip: You know your friend is moving one of the more enjoyable ways out of helping a friend move, is to take a short trip. This makes you inaccessible for the friend to drop in by surprise and ask for help with the move. Doing this you can enjoy the sights and sounds that are outside of your day to day week.

Feign an Illness:  This is something that many will want to try, like calling off from work because you need some “me time.” This will occasionally work, but isn’t as good as taking a day trip. Your friends may want to stop by after they finish moving to check on you and find out you have been faking. Do you really want to lie to your friends?

Helping a friend move

Get a Gift Card for Moving Help Marketplace: Doing this is similar to helping a friend move without the heavy lifting. This not only opens your ability to sit back and watch, but now your friend can as well. Consider it a house warming present that not only gets you off the hook, but gets your friend moved in easier. Moving Help Providers will do all the heavy lifting for you on this one.

Ask Them for Help First: Think about all the odd jobs you have been wanting to complete for your own home. You know your friend is moving soon, so ask them for help with a big project around the house.  It gives you an excuse on why you cannot help without actually having to say no.

Just Tell the Truth: Your friends and family will understand that maybe right now isn’t the best time for you to help them move. You still understand that moving is hectic and they still need the help. Always consider renting them a moving truck or hiring some moving helpers to get them through the day. You may not be able to be there in person, but you are still helping a friend move.

Keep these in mind the next time your friends are moving. You don’t have to hide out or fake an illness, you don’t even have to come up with some excuse; you just need to point them in the right direction. Give them advice to make their move go smoother. You may want to go over some of the helpful moving tips and can recommend additional information about planning their move here.

Have you ever tried to get out of helping someone move if so how did you go about it?